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Detergent powder separation

Why vibro separator is the essential key to get the quality detergent powder?

The detergent powder is a very common product that can be used by every single home around the globe to clean their clothes. But to manufacture the detergent powder there are a lot many things that are used as raw materials are Sodium tripolyphosphate (STP), Sodium sulphate, Soap noodles, Zeolite, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Linear alkylbenzene sulphonic acid (LAS) , Caustic soda solution, Coconut diethanolamide, Fluorescer, perfume.

Above mentioned materials are added with an appropriate manner to manufacture the detergent powder. Every material is imported from different places and vendors. Any big brand does not compromise with quality that is why they screen all the raw materials come from vendors.

For check screening, there is different kind of sieving machines are being used.

What machine is best for check screening the detergent powder’s raw material?

Here are the best options for check screening the raw materials are given below.

Our first option is Inline Sivtek which comes with a single and double motor. Its most suitable machine for safety screening & check screening applications with low headroom design which provides compact sieving solution. Inline Sifter is designed with a single motor and dual motor, you can use it as per your requirement. The Dual motors vertically mounted each side, it increases vibration and throughput capacity. It creates vertical, horizontal as well as circular motion because of its vibration which is generated from both the end and reduced sieving process time.

It gives maximum throughput with fine mesh while sieving & screening. It’s specially designed for low headroom area where we required a compact design without compromising the output. This inline sifter is working on center in – center our principle. Because of gravity, you can get maximum throughput without compromising the quality.

As I mentioned above this machine comes with a single motor as well dual motor. If your application doesn’t require higher vibration so the single motor is good but if your application is fine and there is a chance to get chocked so we suggest you use the dual motor, with this you can get higher vibration and maximum throughput.

Adding on to its list of advantages, due to easy clamping system & compact design it becomes effortless for an operator to disassemble the gyro sieve & cleaning the components.

Usually, this compact sifter is installed for the check screening of the material which required fine mesh and the oversize particles are very less.




Our Second option is Linea Sivtek, which is one of the robust machines designed to handle large production capacity and heavy flowrate of the material. It works on a linear motion principle. When the material is dry or wet which may be sticky and abrasive and very difficult to screen with round Vibro sifter. Now that kind of material you can easily screen with our dual deck linear motion vibrating screen with higher throughput & without compromising the quality.

Being the largest screening machine manufacturer, Galaxy Sivtek provides the best quality rectangular separators to screen, grade, de-lump, de-water any bulk solids, or slurry. This rectangular sieve is invented to handle high feed flow, where the application needs to be screened in huge capacity. It supplies maximum throughput with accurate gradation.

The main advantage of this horizontal vibrating screen is it provides free flow the application to screen efficiently. Both the side-mounted motor ensures proper vibration to help sufficient throughput with quality.

When your application sticky and require usual than a long time to sieve at that time Linea Sivtek is the best option because its linear motion gives sufficient travel time to your application with accuracy. This kind of rectangular separator is the best choice for such an application to get the maximum throughput with quality.

Our Linea Sivtek having two vibratory motors mounted both the sides which gives proper vibration

Below you can find one video of it, so you get the complete idea of this horizontal sifter which is known as Linea Sivtek.

Our one more option Sivtek Vibro Separator is one of the peerless sieving equipment which you can use in almost all kind of screening, scalping, de-dusting, filtering & gradation applications. This Vibro separator can be used to deliver effective, efficient as well as an economical solution to the number of industries.

Our Vibratory Separator provides effective, economical, and efficient solutions to numerous process industries. This rotary vibrating screen is designed for precision screening operations, to ensure quality separation. It is a highly efficient sieve separator machine that offers maximum capacity in your current processing line, resulting best performance for the production to reach its desired level of output.

Vibro energy separator is designed in such a way that it gives you a smooth & secure operation experience. Due to its robust mesh woven mesh, it works for a longer time without any rundowns. With our highly productive vibrating separator screens, you can achieve five different gradations in a single operation as it can be structured up to 5 decks.

Above mentioned all machines are suitable to sieve or screen the raw material of detergent powder, every machine has it’s own advantages. You can choose your machine as per your need and get the best throughput without compromising the quality.

Still, you have any confusion so let Sivtek expert decide the best one for you.

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