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Our Employee Speaks

A famous saying: don’t judge a book by its cover, but cover page of my life is & will be Galaxy Sivtek. My entire life’s first job and I committed to myself to 2 words Learn & Grow. Today, the heights I have reached in my professional life are all from the learnings from and with GALAXY. Have been with Galaxy Sivtek since years, seen every up & down (life is all about it) sailed strongly as if the business is my own baby (groomed since the beginning). Love the open culture we have built over years. And we at Galaxy Sivtek surely believe in ENJOYMENT! to keep going ahead in 6th gear.

Saumil Desai

Senior Manager-Account

Sr.Manager - Customer Support

Being a mechanical engineer by profession, I had an opportunity to explore my potential further with Galaxy Sivtek-a core manufacturing organization. Continuous support and trust from management on me keeps me motivated and stride against all the odds on the way. With work, there is fun too-so overall-a combo of leaning environment and enjoyment. (Yeah mechanical engineers do have fun).

Anil Prajapati

Senior Manager-Manufacturing


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I enjoy working for this company and I appreciate having this wonderful opportunity to work with team member across different verticals. During last six years management have provided me support and through everyone’s encouragement and guidance I have been able to excel at the projects offered to me. Working as a Sr. business development, marketing and R&D manager at Galaxy Sivtek has been a positive experience and for which I am grateful & would like to keep going with the company.

Mayank Patel

Senior Manager - Business Development | Marketing | R&D


Galaxy Sivtek is one of the best companies for me which provides the right platform and perfect environment for work-life balance, recognition, career growth as well as job satisfaction. The work regularly requires innovative and new challenges, which leads to a charged atmosphere encouraging you to always perform better than your best.

Nitesh Tandel

Senior Manager - Design & QA

Nitesh Tandel

Indeed a wonderful experience to associate with Galaxy Sivtek and during my tenure since 2000 onwards, seen and experiencing several milestones achieved, an upward growth, young talented team associated with and yes culture of celebrations & excitements is an integral part of Galaxy Sivtek and for sure a dream company for an aspiring young talented candidates.

Amit Suthar

Manager System & IT

Amit Suthar

My journey with the Company started in 2004. I have progressed through several job roles, starting as a management trainee to core team member & currently developing international markets for Galaxy Sivtek. Progression through the Company is definitely available if you want it. Some positions were easily reachable; others required me to put in more work and commitment. This is a fast-paced & dynamic environment, with a learning atmosphere and a diverse approach in different departments of the Company.

Keyur Andhariya

Senior Manager - Export Sales


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