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filtering and sieving chocolate

Contribution of SIVTEK Equipment in Chocolate Manufacturing Process

Chocolate comes in different shapes and sizes. It is used in numerous food applications. Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean grown in different parts of the world. There are roughly around 40 to 60 seeds, known as the cocoa beans packed into one cocoa pod. These beans are the raw material for chocolates.

We are about to discuss how the SIVTEK sieving and filtering solutions are useful in the whole chocolate manufacturing process. These chocolate manufacturer makes chocolates in various forms and sells it to the companies who manufacture chocolate products for retail sell. It also supplies chocolates products, such as cocoa powder and coco butter.

Chocolate beans arrive at the factory and goes to the series of sieves which cleans out the twigs, stones and other debris in the machine called Linea SIVTEK. A linear high powder vibrating equipment. As the oversize impurities are less, the beans need to travel down the path to remove excessive dust and require larger screening area. The Linea SIVTEK is designed to deliver the maximum throughput capacity in this kind of application.

The beans are now roasted in revolving drum that heats the coco beans to loosen their shells. A winnower machine removes the shell from the inside of the bean known as the nib.

Factory process the nib by grinding them, heat and friction makes the liquid chocolate commonly known as chocolate liquor. The chocolate liquor needs to be filtered through a self-cleaning filter. The filtration process removes any unwanted oversize material from the liquid chocolate. The liquid chocolate needs to maintain the hot temperature to flow thoroughly or it will block the passage by solidifying itself. Galaxy SIVTEK team customize the SIVTEK Self-cleaning filter with a jacketing system, in which the whole system is jacketed by a thick stainless-steel jacket which allows you to flow hot water into it.

The self-cleaning filter also comes with an auto clean system which enables you to run the processing plant 24×7 without interrupting and give the consistent product which is going to be packed for the chocolate products manufacturer.

For making chocolate powder, first we need to blend the liquid chocolate with some ingredients to get the consistency of very thick pattern. Now the chocolate moves to a refining machine passing between a set of five rollers that reduce the particle size so much & within minutes you get fine chocolate powder.

The chocolate powder is having uneven particle sizes, dust or other unwanted impurities. An Inline SIVTEK separator is placed in the processing line to check screen the powder and remove chocolate dust and unwanted particles before packaging. The Inline SIVTEK ensures the chocolate manufacturer that their material is 100% safe to send it to their clients which does not contain any impurity.

Like any other chocolate manufacturer, if you are also finding difficulties in sieving or filtering your products? Not getting the desired results? Always feel free to consult our sieving expert and Get 24X7 customer support. contact us Now!

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