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vibro sifter for potato starch

Dispatching Two Food Sifters for Screening Potato Starch!

Renowned starch & iodized salt manufacturing company from South Asia having a strong client portfolio with brands like ITC Ltd, McDonald’s, PepsiCo, etc. recently raised an order of 2 food grade sifters to Galaxy Sivtek for check screening potato starch.

The company is known for providing starch solutions for several food applications like pasta, noodles, prepared foods, sauces, dry mixes, meat, etc to world-famous brands.

The starch manufacturing company is trusting our sieving machines since a decade now & we have been privileged to get their repeating order more than 18 times. They have already installed Galaxy made sifters across their various plants in India.

The process of making potato starch involves series of operations like cleaning potatoes, separating starch from fibers, germs & proteins, sieving, centrifugation, concentration, drying, safety screening & bulk packaging.

Sivtek Food Vibro Sifters being dispatched from Galaxy Sivtek’s plant are going to be used for safety screening of potato starch with fine mesh opening to make sure not small contamination particles, impurities, lumps & agglomerates passes alongside the potato starch.

As the company were largely supplying statch solutions to the food & beverage industry, it was mandatory for them to install sifters that meet all the hygienic standards as per FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) guidelines.

We supplied the food sifters that were made from stainless steel type 304. Stainless steel is the most preferred material for food handling & processing as it has corrosion-resistant quality.

Sivtek Food Sifters have crevice-free joints that prevent the depositing of material at internal welding joints. Crevice free joints allow free flow of material & hence prevents contamination.

The food sifters are 48” inch in diameter & can screen up to 1-1.5 tons of potato starch per hour with the break-free operation.

If you are also looking for any sieving or filtration solutions for any dry or slurry product, please get in touch with our product experts now.

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