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spices sieving with vibro sifter

Get finer quality of mixed spices with Galaxy vibro sifters

Spices create magic in food; it’s not only adding different flavors but also provides a health benefit. Each and every spice has a unique aroma which enhances the joy of cooking and eating. Spices like Chili powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder, etc.; have to manufacture in large quantities due to its heavy consumption.

Spices can be graded by size, density, color, shape, and flavor. Usually, it is used in the form of powder. These spices contents 10-15% moisture and some moisture get generate during grinding on account of heat generated by the machine. Grinded spices contain coarse, lumps and granule as well, for finer powder it needs to sieve. This fine powder use to send for packing and end uses.

Sivtek Vibro separators are ideal products for sieving; this smart solution gives a high vibration equally to the whole machine so that spices can prevent lumps. Its deblinding kit (ball assembly) prevents the mesh from getting choked due to the high content of moisture/ fine particles in the product. Galaxy Sivtek separators can customize by analyzing customer’s requirements. It separates coarse particles which can be recycled in a blender to be processed again. This large capacity machine consumes low power and does not occupy additional space.


1. Its and hygienic solution

2. Provides accurate grading

3. Consume low power

4. Levy no operating and maintenance costs

5. It’s an enclosed dust free machine

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