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Importance of Vibro separators for Groundnut oil

Groundnut oil, Arachis oil or commonly known as peanut oil is a vegetable oil derived from peanut seed. The oil contains a strong peanut aroma and flavor. Groundnut oil is popular around the globe but It is highly used in general cooking in American, Asian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian cuisines. It is considered the main ingredient for many industries like beauty and personal care, in the pharmaceutical industry because of its nutritional factor and health benefits.

The peanut market is growing huge due to its high demand in the market and increase in the expansion of manufacturing facilities. China consumes the most peanut oil for domestic food processing in the world followed by India. The projection says that it can grow with a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 3.96% between the forecast period 2020-2025.

Such a growing industry required a high supply of good quality peanuts and a robust manufacturing plant that generates great quality peanut oil. The great quality of oil can only be achieved with the right equipment at the right location. We Galaxy Sivtek are the manufacturer of high-quality sieving & filtering equipment. In this article, we will take you through the filtration process of groundnut oil and the reason why Vibro sifters are essential in a groundnut oil manufacturing plant.

Groundnut oil processing is divided into two parts, The first one is through mechanical pressure in which 85% of oil is extracted and the other amount of oil is extracted by solvent extraction method. Here we are discussing the mechanical pressure extraction process where vibrating sieves are used.

Peanut oil production starts with the cleaning process. Groundnut is brought to the factory after harvesting. Harvested peanuts will contain whole peanuts and some with the shelled peanuts. The peanuts are cleaned with a seed cleaner machine and foreign objects like leaves nodes, weed seeds are removed.

After cleaning the outer shell is removed by dehulling method cooking is done to easily break cell walls. Some manufacturers do it without heating known as the cold press method. The peanuts are then pressed under the oil press machine to get the peanut oil.

Now at this stage, a Vibrating sieve comes into action. Manufacturers have to filter the oil in a filter press machine to get the final amount of oil, but directly using the machine can easily chock the machine and causes frequent maintenance which can cost higher for a manufacturer. To reduce this cost and efforts industry leaders are using a Vibro sifter before filter press to reduce the load on it and remove the oversize fiber from the extracted oil.

Problems while filtering oil and its solutions

As we discussed earlier a vibrating screen reduces the load on the filter press machine but some manufacturers face filtering challenges even after installing the sifter due to conventional sifter or local sifter brands or due to lack of proper knowledge. Let us see some of the common challenges faced by the manufacturer.

Wrong Selection of machine: It is the duty of a sieving expert to tell you which machine will be best for your application requirement. If you select a machine without consulting an expert you may end up getting unpleasant results.

Low throughput capacity: Another major problem peanut oil manufacturers are facing is the lower throughput capacity rate. No proper machine vibration or no proper lead angle arrangement can affect the capacity of the separator. A perfect sieving machine-like SIVTEK Vibro Separator is built to give you higher throughput capacity because it comprises better vibration, better lead angle arrangement, and better performance.

Mesh chocking issues: Mesh chocking is a common issue faced by many processing industries. When the material particles are trapped in the mesh opening it restricts further sieving. Hence Galaxy Sivtek’s sieving/filtering equipment comes with a mechanism to easily tackle the mesh blinding problems.

Regular maintenance: Conventional separators are prone to give you regular maintenance. Due to its low-built quality and lower-performing ability. You may have to replace spare parts regularly to keep it running on the batch. This will affect the overall process and expenses of the company. Galaxy Sivtek can provide you a robust sieving and filtering solutions that do not need frequent maintenance. The machines are manufactured to perform in the toughest processing environments.

The main objective of Galaxy Sivtek is to provide highly robust solutions to the customer and delight them with our constantly updating technology in sieving & filtration. This is the result of more than 30+ years of experience in serving various processing industries. If you are looking for a similar solution feel free to get in touch with our experts.

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