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Sieving & Filtering Technology in Food Industry

Rapidly Increasing Need of Sieving & Filtering Technology in Food Industry

Food & beverage industry has significantly shown rapid growth as the trend of processed, packed & ready to eat food packets are increasing. With change in lifestyle over a decade, the trend has shifted towards easy to consume food & beverages.

The data & numbers justify the story about how big food & beverage industry is & the way it is growing.

“The food and beverages market expected to reach a value of nearly $9471.66 billion by 2022, significantly growing at a CAGR of 8.9% during the forecast period.” – The Business Research Company

“The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region in terms of consumer spending on Eating Out, with average annual growth of 9.8% between 2006-16, while average annual growth of 7.5% is forecast for the 2017-26 period”. – Cushman & Wakefield

According to statement released by Kagome Foods India “The Indian food & retail industry is expected to grow to $482 billion by 2020”

The above all figures & estimations from various reports states the dominance of food & beverage industry in coming years! And with industry getting bigger, the demand for the quality products remain intact!

With increasing demand of packed & ready to use food & beverage products need for safety, hygiene & quality checks are to be taken care of properly. We all know a small contamination can risk the brand value as well as the life of consumers.

To get contamination free & high-quality products along with meeting the standards by FDA, F&B industry are taking conscious steps by implementing related technology & installing machines that help them improving quality.

One such essential machine used at various stages during production process of any food & beverage product is sieving or filtering machine, and with increasing need & demand of quality products; requirement of Sieving & filtering machines in F&B industry is also increasing rapidly.

Sieving & filtering machines are important part of production process as they help in removing any unwanted oversize particles, contaminations like fibres, threads, dust particles, hairs etc. Not only it helps in removing contaminations, it also can be used for grading products like tea or coffee into different sizes as per market grades.

Galaxy Sivtek has been helping food & beverage industry in delivering the best quality products with help of innovative & high standard sieving, screening & filtering equipment since last two & half decades.

Our wide range of machines has proven results for sifting, screening, sieving, grading, de-dusting & filtering numerous food & beverage products & applications.

From spices to flours, from sugar cane juice to honey, from chocolate slurries to raw sugar, from salt to tea leaves & tea to coffee beans & coffee powder, from syrups to health & nutrition products our machines have proven record to sieve, screen & filter numerous products from F&B industry.

If you are looking for sieving, screening, or filtering solution for any of your food or beverage products feel free to get in touch with our experts.

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