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Filtering rice bran oil

Screening of Rice Bran and Oil

Rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process. It is the layer between inner white rice grain and the outer hull. It is a healthy ingredient use for making oil and other nutritious supplements. Rice bran acquires during rice cleaning process. Raw rice bran contains ground rice, broken rice, husk and other iron miscellaneous impurities.

Rice bran should be sieve before it is used in making oil and other nutrients, as it contains many impurities which are clearly visible as well as those that cannot be easily seen by naked physical eyes. These many impurities could affect the quality and production rate.

In the new realm of technology, impurities are no longer barriers. Now it is easy to acquire quality product without any hazel by using Sivtek Sieving solutions.

Galaxy Sivtek machines are the customized solution which can be used either in single deck or in multiple decks. Because of the advancement in these machines ground rice, broken rice, husk and bran can be collected differently in one go, which saves both time and money.

These tailor-made machines can be assemble according to the requirement; different accessories have to be attached for making sieving affective.

Heavy duty motors gives huge uniform vibrations on the whole machine, deblinding system does not allow bran to stick on the mesh. Magnetic grid separates the iron particles and other contamination gets separate through the mesh. Hence you can get effective sieving without any manual interruption.


1. Low Power Consumption.

2. Reduce Production Cost.

3. Demands less attention & space and very low maintenance.

4. An affordable solution for screening Rice bran.

5. Multiple product separation in one go.

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