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Sieving and sorting chili powder

Sieving & sorting solution for chili powder

In this blog we will bring focus on how big brands & SMEs make & manufacture chili powder including information about “at what different stages do sieving & sorting machines from Galaxy Sivtek play major role in their manufacturing process”.

Chilli or chili powder is one of the most used spices in every households, hotels, restaurants, cafes’ kitchens of the world, to be precise India, Pakistan, Germany, China, Mexico, United Kingdom, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, UAE, & Turkey are among the highest consuming countries of different kind of chili powder in the world. Rest of world also uses blended chili powder as one of the taste booster ingredients in various dishes. It won’t be wrong to say that every spicy dish from every type of cuisine would be incomplete without chili powder!

Asian countries are top the list in producing & exporting chili powder. India ranks first in the list of exporter & producer as alone India exports 25% of chili powder to major countries like USA, UK, UAE, Singapore followed by other countries. China ranks second by exporting nearby 24% of chili powder across the globe.

Not only chili powder spice up the dishes, it has several health benefits too! From acting as an agent for building up immunity (as it contains vitamin C) to helping in fighting fat, from preventing stomach ulcers to helping in decreasing swelling of swore joints & increasing blood flow.

That was enough of facts & figures, moving ahead to know how it is made in industries! Chilli powder is made from dried red chilies.

In India & other various part of the world, variety of chili powders is manufactured as per market demand. Chili powder has demand as per the taste, color, hotness & spiciness.

Different kind of powder can be made from different types of chili peppers. Like in India, to make less spicy & redder deep in color Kashmiri chilies are used & to make spicier & hot chili powder wonder hot or teja chili is used.

To make most of the chili powder in big industries and SMEs few standard processes and protocols are followed.

Generally, the big manufacturers of chili powder exports dry chili from farmers. While harvesting, stone, clay, small sand, dust, and leafs get along with chilies. So before starting making process, it becomes mandatory to remove such unwanted particles.

The first step majorly is of de-stoning & leaf removing. Vibratory sieves are used to remove sand, small stones, seeds & dust particles & air blower is used to remove leafs.

Our rectangular vibrating machine aka – Line Sivtek® or round vibration gyratory sifters like Sivtek Vibro Separator® or Super Sivtek Separator® can also be used for de-stoning & de-dusting & separating unwanted contaminants from dry red chilies.

Once de-stoning & leaf removal process is done, chilies go for dry cleaning. Chilies are passed through sequence of brushes to make sure it gets completely clean before crushing & milling.

After completely cleaning the chilies, next step is of steam cutting. This process is followed when chilies are exported raw with stems.

So after complete cleaning, if chilies contain little bit of moisture, they are dried & moved for crushing and if fully dried already, they are directly moved for crushing.

Two rotary blades rotate in opposite direction to crush & cut dried chilies into small & tiny pieces. Once crushed, it is then moved for milling.

Process of milling is commonly also known as grinding process. Under this process the crushed parts are milled & grinded to powder form. After 2-3 rounds of proper grinding fine chili powder is obtained.

The chili powder is then sent for sterilizing. Sterilizer machine takes chili powder & passes it trough UV rays to make powder isn’t contaminated with bacteria.

Once sterilized, oil mixing & blending is done to give required aesthetical characteristics & flavors.

As soon as the whole process is completed, the most important process is carried just before packaging. Yes and that important process are of sieving.

Sieving is carried out with vibratory sifters to remove lumps and unwanted contaminants if any along with getting desired sized fine and smooth chili powder.

Our modern day & technology advanced sifters can definitely be wise option for sieving & check screening chili powder.

Centrifugal sifter from the house of Galaxy sivtek also known as Sivtek Roto Sifter® with fine mesh can be used & replaced with traditional sifters. The internal shaft with rubber blades rotate to break the lumps along with it passing through desired size of fine mesh to get smooth fine chili powder. Rotary sifters are also easily attachable to any existing production line.

Other smart option could also be Inline Sivtek® sifter that can easily separate lumps or coarse & fine powder and it can also be retro fitted into existing production line.

We have also successfully given round gyratory separator – The Sivtek Vibro Separator® for check screening & sieving chili powder.

So the above options can be used for sieving chili powder before it is moved to packaging line.

After sieving the last process is of packing. Experts from sivtek advice to attach magnetic grill at spout of packaging machine to make sure no ferrous particles are getting along with final product. Many times ferrous elements like nut bolts or small screws get into product while it’s processing. To remove such contaminants magnetic grills from Galaxy Sivtek can play vital role.

From de-stoning to packing, this was the universal and standard process of making chili powder in big industries & SMEs.

Many big spice houses like MDH, Everest spices, ITC spices, Hathi Spices, Catch masala, Eastern Spices, Ramdev Spices, etc trust our sieving solution as all our machines are made keeping food safety norms, are available in high quality stainless steel & as per guidelines of FDA – Food & Drugs Administration. We meet all production criteria as required under ISO – International organization for Standardization.

Every food, medicine & drug manufacturer can sit back, relax and rely on our sieving, sifting, de-stoning, de-dusting & separation solutions.

If you are also one of the spices or any food product manufactures, please get in touch with our experts for your next sieving, separation or filtration needs.

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