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sifters for potato starch

Why Use Sifters & Separators for Potato Starch?

Potato starch is a fine flour made by removing potato peel, transform into a slurry, and dehydrated to get the potato starch. It is a white powder look similar to corn starch. Potato starch is used in many in-house recipes and food manufacturing units. It is used in the preparation of noodles, cocktail nuts, potato chips, wine gums, hot dog sausages, bakery cream, and instant soups. The potato starch is also transported to many food manufacturers. Moreover, it is also used in textile industries to stiffen fabrics, in pharmaceutical industries to develop antibiotics and in paper & chemical industries to use as adhesives.

The forecast experts say that the potato starch market can grow up to USD 2 billion by 2024. Due to recent technology development, the food & beverage industry’s demand for potato starch is rapidly increasing. Therefore food manufacturers are hunting for a reliable potato starch provide who can supply great quality of starch. Good quality of potato starch can be occupied by the good quality of the sieving system in your processing plant.

SIVTEK Vibro Separator is used by many industry leaders as the main tool to remove their product impurities. Our existing customer says that this machine has improved our product quality and sieving has now become the hassle-free operation, which was not earlier.

Improve Potato Starch quality with Vibro separators.

The potato starch is made by simply crushing, making a slurry, starch extraction, and starch drying. Starch which is finally obtained may contain impurities in the form of lumps or any human hazards. The sieving application is known as check screening which removes the unwanted particles before the packaging area.

A Vibro Separator is a robust machine that provides many benefits compared to conventional sifters. This process can also be done by a local sifter, but its consequences are worst. The conventional sifters are cheaper but cost you higher in the long run. The traditional sifters will give you higher downtime, lower capacity and efficiency rates, and frequent maintenance. Hence it puts a breaker on the processing line and stops the packaging line resulting in late delivery of the goods.

A SIVTEK Vibro Separator not only removes the impurities and improves the potato starch quality but also provides higher throughput rates, less maintenance, and better profitability by the easy flow of the process.

Range of solutions for Potato Starch

There is a wide range of separation and filters available with Galaxy Sivtek. As we are the largest manufacturers of Vibro sifters and self-cleaning filters we also carry a batch of trust in supporting processing industries from three decades. We provide separators from round to linear design and from vacuum separation to centrifugal one. All these separators are having different applications.

We encourage our customers to take assistance from one of our sieving experts and try your product with our free trial facility. Our experts can suggest you to choose from the various designs of separators, accessories used and size depending upon your requirement. Let’s not waste the time and connect with us anytime.

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