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Galaxy Sivtek > Frequently Asked Questions
What are the areas or industries where self cleaning filter is used?
What is the working principle of self cleaning filter?
Up to what viscosity the sivtek self cleaning filter can handle?
Up to what pressure the sivtek self cleaning filter can process?
What are the different models of self cleaning filters?
What is the range of mesh baskets used in the automatic filter?
What is the difference between Super Sivtek and conventional sifter?
What type of motor used in Super Sivtek?
Why does Super Sivtek have higher vibration as compared to conventional sifter?
Why is Super Sivtek Screen more precise, faster, and efficient than the conventional sifter?
Up to what mesh size is Supe Sivtek capable to sieve?
For what kind of applications Super Sivtek is used?
What is the maximum level of gradation the machine provides?
How our quality is different than our competitors?
What are the quality certificates we provide?
What RA value is observed in Galaxy Sivtek's sieving equipment?
What types of MOC are supplied by Galaxy Sivtek?
How Galaxy Sivtek is able to provide better efficiency while sieving?

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