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Silica Sand Sieving

Silica Sand Sieving & Grading Solutions

Silica commonly known as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) is nothing but a pure form of quartz. Over time, through the effect of wind and water quartz becomes tiny granules known as silica sand. The silica sand in the highly pure form is milky white and when impurities are much it becomes brown and light brown. It’s melting point is around 1750 C. The sand particle size ranges from 0.02mm to 3.35mm and sometimes even bigger.

The Silica sand is widely used in glassmaking, metal casting, chemical production, construction, paint & coating, ceramic & refractories, oil & gas recovery, and many more. The silica sand ore is rich in Algeria, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Egypt, Brazil, and many more countries.

As Silica Sand is having a variety of uses and applications. Its most common use is in making flat glass. Therefore Silica sand needs to be highly pure before taking it into the manufacturing of any product. Silica sand manufacturers always tend to provide high quality and impurity-free sand to their clients.

Galaxy Sivtek comes in the picture here. The silica sand manufacturer seeks assistance from SIVTEK experts to guide them on sieving the sand. Sieving the sand from layman’s perspective it looks very simple. But when you consider high quality, high throughput, accuracy, efficiency, and hassle-free processing you require a SIVTEK expert.

Our Sieving expert suggests the equipment based on the current condition of the plant and the sieving requirement of the manufacturer.

The Silica sand raw material consists of sticky clay, impurity minerals, and magnetic minerals which are washed and removed. Bigger waste sand is separated and removed through the SIVTEK Vibro Separator. The Separator removes all the unwanted bigger sand particles and any oversize contaminants from the sand.

Now the sand is sent for the refining process to remove magnetic minerals still present in it. Therefore it is removed by the magnetic separator. Different types of magnetic separators are used here. For removing iron particles you need 1000 gauss and for removing ilmenite and hematite you need 8000-9000 gauss. Different types of usage of silica sand require different types of mineral impurities in it.

After the magnetic separation, A high power vibrating machine is used at this end to grade the sand in requested sizes. A different application of silica requires different sized silica sand. A Vibro Sifter from Galaxy Sivtek generates very high vibration that provides easy screening and quick gradation to provide high throughput rates.

Silica sand is then dried and packed to send it to different manufacturers. Galaxy Sivtek has been the ultimate choice for the leader in mineral manufacturers. Because we are dedicated to providing high-quality sifters and filters that run for life long and provides optimum performance. It’s not just about selling the product but serving our client. Galaxy Sivtek is having the largest in-house trial facility where we allow our client to try to run their product in our wide range of products to ensure their purchase is worth. Contact Galaxy Sivtek for further discussion to resolve your sieving and filtering challenges.

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