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Sieving Powder Pigment

Sieving Powder Pigment Precisely & Accurately

Pigment is the colored and decorative material majorly used in printing, painting, coating, dyes, and cosmetics. It is an inorganic compound completely or nearly insoluble in water. Minerals are used as colorants since prehistoric times. Early humans used it as a body decoration ingredient and markings in the cave. In modern times it has many industrial uses and has become a big business in recent years.

worldwide7.4 million tons of organic, inorganic, and special pigment were produced and marketed in 2016. It was estimated at 14.86 billion dollars and probably will rise with a CAGR of 4.9% in 2026. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the pigment industry estimated global demand was 20.5 billion dollars in 2009 and value is 30 billion dollars globally.

Importance of sieving:

Demand for quality pigment powder is increasing day by day. Pigment powder manufacturers are maintaining all the quality measures to fulfill the requirement. Therefore, the sieving process is one of the key processes to remove impurities and improves the product quality.

Sieving equipment like Vibro sifter, rectangular sieve, roto sifter, inline separator is one of the best equipment used in processing industries. This equipment contains a mesh ring that separates the oversize or undersize impurities from the material. These machines are used for different sieving applications like screening, filtering, de-watering, scalping, de-dusting, check sieving, and many more. Let us see what sieving machine is best for pigment manufacturers and for which sieving application.

Sieving Process:

The manufacturing process of pigment powder manufacturing starts with china clay as raw material. The clay is heated and processed for making a slurry. The raw slurry is filtered, grounded, cleaned, dried, and blended to get the powder pigment. At this stage, the vibrating sifter comes into the picture. The pigment cannot be directly packed and sent to other manufactures for processing, but it is first checked screened to assure that particle size is accurate, and no impurities are packed along with the material.

Therefore, a high-quality Vibro sifter is placed before the packaging line to remove any oversize impurities from the pigment powder. Some manufacturers are accepting the pigment powder in accurate size only because it is obvious that the uneven size of the pigment powder can change the chemical and physical property of their final product made from pigment powder.

There are many different types of pigment powder that can be easily sieved through the vibrating machine. Some of them are chrome oxide green, iron oxide brown, orange, red alpha blue, beta blue, daylight fluorescent, and many more.

Benefits of Vibro sifter

The vibrating screen provides accurate sizing of pigment particles

Improves the quality of the final product

Provides high throughput capacity without any breakdown

Uninterrupted sieving with low maintenance cost

Provides desired sieving result in the toughest environmental conditions.

Generate higher vibration compared to conventional Vibro separators.

The SIVTEK Vibro Separator from Galaxy Sivtek is marked as the growth booster for many processing industries. Due to conventional separators, the sieving process becomes very slow and high maintainable and creates obstacles in the overall processing. Our sieving solutions provide highly robust equipment that processes faster and reduces the overall batch time. As a result, production increases and faster production and high-quality product results into high profitability rates. Then why to wait for? Contact our sieving expert today to get the assistance on sieving & filtration process 24X7.

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