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Sieving, Screening & Filtering solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Innovative Sieving, Screening & Filtering solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry & quality goes parallel to the manufacturing process in the pharma industry is always quality driven. A small error or poor quality can cost end user’s life & so the manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical industry is governed, overlooked & implied by agencies like FDA.

Sieving, screening & filtering plays an essential role in the pharma manufacturing process to ensure products are contamination free & of high quality.

Sieves & filters are used in the pharma industry to make sure finished products are “contamination-free”. Contaminations can be oversized particles, lumps, fibers, threads or anything that can enter accidentally during the production process such as airborne contaminants, human contaminants (hair, etc.), production process contaminants (Screws, nut bolts, etc.)

With over passing years designing & quality criteria for any machines used in the production of the Pharmaceutical industry has become very authoritarian to ensure parameters like the safety of operators, quality of finished products, & more.

With these criteria, laws, rules & regulations our sieves, screeners & filters have gone through radical changes, but only for helping pharma companies to deliver the best!

Adding the facts, almost all pharma production plants are hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) certified. These types of pharma production plants go through analysis to find out locations or points that might be highly dangerous, risky & have chances of process failure. After identifying such critical points, prevention & safety arrangements are done accordingly.

Our sieves & filters can help to get rid of risk at any point where contamination can enter in the final product itself or in the raw materials used for manufacturing final products.

Most of HACCP analysis has concluded three points of risk that could be eliminated only by sieving Process :

1. Debagging: During the debagging process of raw materials chances of fibres or threads of bag being entered raw materials are very high & can be only removed by screening.

2. Mixing/blending: During the mixing or blending process chances of contamination being entered are high & can also be eliminated by screening process.

3. Before packaging: During the production process, there might be chances of product being contaminated & so, it is good to conduct safety/check screening before packaging.

Our innovative range of sieving & filtering solutions is specially & exclusively designed for the pharma industry keeping c-GMP norms in the centre with all the contact & non-contact parts as per FDA directives.

From crevice-free joints & welding to the whole body made from the highest quality stainless steel, our sieving & filtering machines are worth investing in.

Below is the range of our machines that can help in various applications in pharma industry.

1. Sanitary Sivtek® Separator: Sanitary Sivtek® separator is one of the most installed sieving machines in many pharma companies across the globe for more than one reason. It can help in screening requirements at any stage of the production process.

It is manufactured in SS 316L with variants in different sizes of 18”,24”,30”,40”,48”,60”,72”, & 84” diameter.

2. Vacuum Sivtek®: Vacuum Sivtek® is one of the most innovative sieving solutions for the pharma industry as it helps & enables totally enclosed operations. It is most useful for sieving the powder or material that is hazardous for operators & for the products where even a small airborne contaminant could play a major role in the quality of end products.

It is manufactured in SS 316L with variants in different sizes of 24”,30”,40”, & 48” diameter.

3. Apart from these two machines our Inline Sivtek®, Inline Sivtek® Dual Motor, Sivtek® Roto Sifter, Sivtek® Twin Roto Sifter & Sivtek® Self Cleaning Filter can help in eliminating contaminations & achieving quality pharma products.

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