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Sieving dolomite powder with vibro sifter

Sieving solutions for dolomite powder with vibro sifters

Dolomite is nothing but a type of limestone. It is rich in calcium carbonate, magnesium, and many other minerals. White dolomite powder is used as the filler in detergent, soaps, paint, ceramics, glass, cement, paint, and rubber industry. Dolomite powder is famous for its dispersion, purity, and accurate composition properties. It is also used as refractory, fettling, and ramming material in the steel melting shop.

The color of the dolomite depends upon the content present in it. Minimal iron content can make it brown or yellow. Magness containing dolomite powder appears pink. It has flame resistance, good compression strength, and good shearing and wettability properties.

Limestone is found from the rocks by blasting or mechanical excavation process. Giant rocks are crushed into smaller stones and passed through a linear screener and sorted to get the smaller pieces. Grinding is done after this procedure and the powder form of the limestone is obtained. After Dolomitization processes limestone is converted to dolomite powder.

Now as the manufacturer, you desire to serve your customer with a better-quality product. One of the important factors which improve the quality of dolomite powder is its uniform particle size. Purchased Dolomite powder goes through many chemical reactions to use in various industries. Therefore, a slight difference in the uniformity of the powder changes the possible outcome. Therefore, the graded dolomite powder should be accurate in size.

Therefore, dolomite powder manufacturers are using SIVTEK Vibro Separator to get optimum sieving results which they cannot find in traditional Vibro separators. Galaxy Sivtek provides an efficient and durable separator that is capable to provide higher throughput rates. We are also having different customization which will boost your sieving experience.

Why Galaxy Sivtek Vibro Sifter is effective than a conventional sifter for dolomite powder

It is no doubt that a conventional sieving machine will be cheaper, but it has its consequences. You cannot compromise the quality if you are planning for long-term profit goals. We Galaxy Sivtek are committed to providing you with high-quality sieving and filtering solutions with lifelong assistance. Below are a few of the points which need to be considered while purchasing sieving equipment.

Material properties: Material properties like humidity, bulk density, temperature, viscosity, malleability, and many more. These properties decide the rate of sieving results. Conventional sifters are not made considering the properties of the material.

Throughput Capacity: It is one of the most important requirements of the manufacturer to own the desired level of throughput rates. A brand like Galaxy Sivtek work on this factor thoroughly and do many trial and analysis so the manufacturer could get the required throughput capacity.

Sieving Efficiency: feed rate, flow pattern, lead angle, and many minor adjustments are done at the Galaxy Sivtek facility to give you accurate sieving results and efficient screening of the dolomite powder.

Feasibility: The sieving equipment should be easily introduced into the current processing plant with fewer alterations. We provide customized solutions so that our compact machine could adjust to the plant without taking up much space and disturbing other processes.

Automation: Our focus is to put the sieving process on a highly possible automatic stage. It may not be possible for all industries to get a fully automated system. But to some extent your manpower is reduced and chances of contamination are reduced.

Galaxy Sivtek is keen to make long-term relationships with its customers. Our aim is to make you aware and educate you about the sieving and filtering technology so that you end up developing a quality product. Contact SIVTEK expert to learn more about our products and solutions now!

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