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sieving herbal powder with compact sieve

Sieving Solutions For Herbal powder

Mother nature fulfills every requirement of the human being. It has abundant resources from its nutrition to its sustainability. It provides minerals, vitamins, and other substances to live a healthy life. Among those herbs and spices are the gift available in the natural resources.

India is the land of Ayurveda since its ancient times. It has expertise in developing medicines and natural care products. Herbs play a vital part in it. Herbs are basically savory or aromatic plant used for flavoring, garnishing, fragrance, and medicines. It is also used in cosmetics, nutritional products, dietary supplements, and ultra-modern medical science.

Herbal ingredients can be of different types and forms, like herbal extracts, herbal powder, steam, leaves, and even syrup. The market for herbal products is booming these days.

The global US herbal supplements market was 5.26 billion in 2017 and it is subsequently growing with a CAGR of 6.2% over the next forecast period.

A few reasons which are pushing the market are the inclination and awareness towards natural products. Predicting the future demand it has been assumed that more and more quality herbal and ayurvedic products are required.

Why Sieving is Important?

Sieving and filtration are some of the key processes used to manufacture any kind of herbal ingredients. Proper sorting, sieving, and segregation are essential that no impurities are introduced in the process.

Herbal products are strictly manufactured under closed supervision so that no impurities enter into the system. As well as the product should be pure for the consumer to use it. Therefore using the sieving and filtration technology you can easily improve the product quality and avoid unwanted quality hazards.

Some of the main problems faced by the herbal extractor and powder manufacturer in the sieving process are as follows

The production of herbal powder begins with raw material brought to the factory and segregated with the pre-cleaner sieving machine to remove different types of oversize particles.

These materials are sometimes larger in quantity that small separating equipment cannot cope up with the material flow therefore an abundant capacity sifter is required to segregate and remove unwanted items.

Each process carries different raw materials depending upon the application. For herbal powder grinding process is carried out following, washing and drying process. The extraction of the herb is carried out at this stage and mixed with solvents and other chemical agents and finally packed for the customer.

But wait before packing the herbal powder, it needs to be sieved thoroughly to remove any impurities introduced by mishandling the equipment or human intervention. Therefore, a dedicated check screening machine is kept at the end of the process to eliminate impurities and lumps created during the process.

The choice of the machine can be determined by the sieving expert who can suggest the machine based on the properties of the material. For example material having low Bulk density cannot give proper throughput capacity in particular sieving equipment. Therefore consult a SIVTEK expert to look out for your herbal production plant and let suggest the best sieving and filtration solution for your extraction, syrup, or herbal powder manufacturing plant.

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