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Sifters and filters for pharmaceutical industry

Top 3 Sieving & Filtering Machines used in Pharmaceutical Industry

Sieving & filtering is the process to eliminate impurities or grade the material. Pharmaceutical industries are the most hygienic among others. All the machines used in pharma industries are made with high-quality stainless steel, food grade rubber items and requires clean environment.

Keeping in mind the importance of hygiene in pharma industry, Galaxy Sivtek have listed top 3 machines which can perfectly fit into processing line and serve the purpose.

Sanitary SIVTEK Separator

Mirror finished hygienic vibro separator is made with high end tough steel which can screen powder, liquid chemicals, medicines, API or slurries. Vibro Sifter comes in different sizes and mechanism to serve your need. It directly depends on what’s the application is.

Sieving, grading, de-dusting, scalping can be done by this vibrating sieve without any shutdown. This sifter is highly robust that it can run for longer period with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Sanitary Separator can be made in multideck for grading purposes and deliver dust free operation in the processing plant. Rubber parts and gaskets hold the food grade certificates to ensure industry norms are followed. Every vibro sifter which is made in Galaxy Sivtek premises are according to US-FDA & cGMP norms.

Galaxy Sivtek have years of experience in assisting pharmaceutical industries. Traditional vibro sifters do not possess the ability to provide desired output. Advanced Galaxy Sivtek vibro sifters are programmed in such a way to give tons of throughput capacity and maximum efficiency.

SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter

Filtration of liquid material is a complex process. But not so hard with Sivtek Self Cleaning filter. The major problem with traditional filters is that it needs to be cleaned manually after few times. A huge loss of time, resources and profit is observed when you use these kinds of filters.

SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter have changed the view how you see the filtration process. The central shaft moves along the mesh periphery at the desired time and clean itself automatically.

A fully automated filter can save a lot of your time, money, resources and process shutdown. This filter can run continuously without any interruption for a longer time. Cough syrup, Sugar syrup, CIP solvents and other medicine fluids can be filtered through SIVTEK Self Cleaning filter.


Every Pharmaceutical industry requires a closed system to sieve pharma edibles. Human contamination is to be avoided in any circumstances. Vacuum SIVTEK is the perfect solution to this problem. It is a pneumatic inline sifter with a vacuum system which suck the material into sieving machine.

Compact design of Vacuum SIVTEK easily fit into your existing processing line. Cleaning and maintaining of the machine is really easy and smooth. This makes the sifter a fully automated system which does not require any human interference.

These machines can be customized as per the process arrangement and system requirement. All the drugs, APIs, Medicines which needs to be screened in a closed system. The vacuum Sifter offers the optimum results.

Galaxy Sivtek have served 1200+ big brands in more than 12+ Industries. A Proper Sieving guidance can save lots of time and cost. That’s why Galaxy Sivtek is recommended to pharmaceutical industry to improve their product quality and minimize the production costs.

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