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Galaxy Sivtek Launched A New Inline Vibro Sifter

Galaxy Sivtek is the largest manufacturer of sieving and filtering equipment and it is launching a new Inline SIVTEK Separator of size 60 inches with a dual vibratory motor. The company is constantly improving its equipment to meet the process requirement. For this reason, the SIVTEK team has decided to include one more machine in its product range.

The Inline SIVTEK 60” has a center – a Centre out design which will reduce the screening time by reducing the material movement in the sifter. It will come up with two angularly vertically mounted vibrating motors. The motor generates dual side vibration which leads to vertical and horizontal vibration. This increases the vibration and throughput capacity of the sifter.

Features of the product

1. Two angularly mounted vibrating motors. Adjust the vibration according to application demand.
2. Low headroom design.
3. Gives high through in less screen area.
4. Easy clamping arrangement with easy assembly and disassembly
5. Noise Less than 80DB.

Benefits of the product

1. Improves production throughput and profitability.
2. Require less space in the processing area.
3. Provides accurate check sieving results.
4. Improves product quality.

Galaxy Sivtek has introduced an Inline SIVTEK of size 60” which can be placed in the processing line where check screening is required. It removes unwanted oversize particles or impurities and gives optimum results – Concludes Mr. Nilesh Khimsaria, Chief Operating Officer, Galaxy Sivtek India.

Galaxy Sivtek is assisting more than 12+ industries from pharma to food & from chemicals to agriculture with a variety of sieving and filtering solutions. Years of trust and best service make the Galaxy Sivtek a reliable sieving partner. Among many sieving equipment, process industries are using inline sieves before process, in-process, and post-process for safety sieving.

Inline SIVTEK which is the best suitable sieving machine for check screening purposes. Powder, granules, flakes, fibers, pallets, crystals, and Slurries are sieved in the Inline sifter. The design and R&D team have worked constantly on the machine from its curvature to its vibrating motion.

Inline SIVTEK 60” can sieve with high throughput capacity and no downtime occurs due to the sieving process. This will drastically improve the quality of the product and increase the performance of the sieving process. This results in saving valuable time and increases the overall profit.

About Galaxy Sivtek

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Galaxy Sivtek, an ISO-certified company is primarily engaged in the design & development, manufacturing, and commissioning of industrial screening & self-cleaning filter equipment. Since 1990, the company’s extensive range of industrial screeners, liquid filters & after-market parts has successfully assisted 1200+ customers on 10000+ projects across 12+ major industries in 30+ countries to increase quality, productivity and profitability. For more information, visit

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