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Galaxy Sivtek Launches Vacuum Sifter to Improve Product Quality in Pneumatic Product Conveying Lines

An innovative solution to screen & sift pneumatically conveyed materials in diverse process industries.

Galaxy Sivtek Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of industrial sieves, separators and filters, announced today the launch of Vacuum SIVTEK for pneumatic product conveying lines in diverse industries to eliminate one of the biggest concerns of product contamination.

The Vacuum SIVTEK Vibrating Separator ensures the quality of a final product by sifting & screening product under the completely closed system by pneumatically conveying product material from one stage to other in the processing stage. One of the key benefits of Vacuum SIVTEK is its compact design which fits neatly into current production lines adds Mayank Patel, Business Development Manager, Galaxy Sivtek India.

The input or material inflow might be from the hopper, feed storage i.e. silos and it is conveyed through suction. The expanding cavity at the suction side and contracting cavity at the discharge side are generated by a positive displacement pump i.e. a vacuum system.

The proven SIVTEK technology and sanitary design make Vacuum SIVTEK ideal for sifting and screening of flour, starch, sugar, salt, silica, important pharmaceutical drug ingredients, chemicals and other pneumatically conveyed powdered / granule materials. Keeping contamination, a major concern, at the core of our research & development, the Vacuum SIVTEK from Galaxy Sivtek is designed to resolve these industry challenges concludes Nilesh Khimsaria, Senior Vice President, Galaxy Sivtek India.

Product Highlights

1.) Clean, compact & crevice-free design.
2.) Quiet, reliable and robust, made for continuous operation.
3.) High safety and low maintenance & running costs.
4.) FDA and cGMP compliant

About Galaxy Sivtek

With experience in the screening industry for over 30 years, Galaxy Sivtek is one of the stalwart manufacturers of industrial screeners, liquid filters & after-market parts in India. Established in 1990, the company is primarily engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing, and commissioning industry-grade screening equipment & self-cleaning filters. With a wide range of product bases, Galaxy Sivtek has conducted more than 10,000 projects across 12 major industries and satisfied customers in over 30 countries for their excellent quality and productivity enhancement.

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