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Relaunching The Self Cleaning Filter with Improved Design and Features

Process industries, that are dealing with liquid application or producing liquid products, require a filtration system to eliminate impurities suspended in the liquid. Galaxy Sivtek has relaunched the SIVTEK self-cleaning filter for the process industries that believe in manufacturing good quality products for their consumers.

Sivtek Self Cleaning Filter works on the pressure difference, Delta P Principal. The best suitable filter for watery liquid applications to extremely viscous liquid products. The major concept of improving the Self-Cleaning Filter is to provide a smoother filtration approach while filtering your premium products.

We are re-launching the Self-Cleaning Filter at Paperex 2019, Hall: A4-b, Stall: 4014 to introduce the improved features of our Self-Cleaning Filter.

Mr. Nilesh Khimsaria (COO-Galaxy Sivtek) mentioned that the reason why we are launching the self-cleaning filter at the Paperex show is that the exhibition is a great platform to show our years of efforts in the field. This platform gives us the chance to meet industry leaders and the filter not only caters to the paper industry but also serves more than 12+ industries.

The newly re-launched self-cleaning filter is capable to filter the products of different industries like syrup, paint, lubricants, oil, juice, and many more free-flow liquid applications.

Product Highlights

1. Provides optimum filtration
2. Gives continuous operation
3. Makes the assembling and disassembling easy
4. Lowers the operational costs
5. Unique design
6. Detachable units
7. Modified PLC Box

Galaxy Sivtek has developed SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter with an improved design as well as added features to boost your filtration experience. To know more about the benefits & features of the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter visit the blog: SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter with Improved Features

The SIVTEK Self-Cleaning filter will assist the manufacturer to achieve optimum filtration in the toughest filtration environment. The primary goal of the self-cleaning filter is to make them a fully automated filtration process where no manpower is required.

The Galaxy Sivtek has served many industries to get better sieving & filtering solutions with our advanced sifters and self-cleaning filters.

About Galaxy Sivtek

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Galaxy Sivtek, an ISO-certified company is primarily engaged in the design & development, manufacturing, and commissioning of industrial screening & self-cleaning filter equipment. Since 1990, the company’s extensive range of industrial screeners, liquid filters & after-market parts has successfully assisted 1200+ customers on 10000+ projects across 12+ major industries in 30+ countries to increase quality, productivity and profitability. For more information, visit

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