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Rotary Brush - Mesh Deblinding Arrangements

Galaxy Sivtek Launches New Rotary Brush for Industrial Screening Equipment to Increase Production Capacity.

Rotary brush, a screening equipment add-on will further increase screening efficiency for wide-range of screening applications.

Galaxy Sivtek Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of industrial sifting & self-cleaning filter equipment announced today, the launch of SIVTEK Rotary Brush a new add-on/options for industrial screening equipment of any make, any design to eliminate one of the common concern of low production capacity due to clogging of screening mesh.

The new SIVTEK add-on/option, rotary brush, ensures precise distribution of particulate by breaking the material lumps, formed due to moisture or oil content. The rotary brush helps the material to evenly & equally flow across the screen, which will eventually increase the production capacity and decrease product wastage states Mayank Patel, Sr. BDM & Marketing, Galaxy Sivtek India.

The material inflow on the screening mesh might be from the hopper, feed storage i.e. silos and the rotating brush moves in the opposite direction of the vibrating motion of the screening equipment to avoid excessive discharge of the material from the outlet. The light breaking of material lumps is achieved due to horizontal scrapping & vertical crushing force on the product which also pushes large lumps of material aside to prevent clogging of mesh screen.

This finally assists brands to increase productivity and high screening efficiency.

The proven SIVTEK technology, sanitary design of the rotating shaft and the food grade brush bristles makes SIVTEK Rotary Brush ideal for screening applications such as flour, spices (turmeric & chilli), cosmetics, maida, soya and other important pharmaceutical API, excipient and chemicals ingredients. Keeping low screening efficiency and production output, a major concern, at the core of our research & development, the rotating brush from Galaxy Sivtek is designed to resolve these industry challenges adds Nilesh Khimsaria, Senior Vice President, Galaxy Sivtek India.

Product Highlights

1.) Mobile-Quick relocation. Easy cleaning & maintenance.
2.) Ease of Use- Simple control panel to adjust height & speed of the brush.
3.) High safety and low maintenance & running costs-Brush doesn’t touch wire mesh screen.
4.) All contact parts in stainless steel SS304. Full or partial SS316L upgrades available.

About Galaxy Sivtek

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Galaxy Sivtek, an ISO certified company is primarily engaged in design & development, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial screening & self-cleaning filter equipment. Since 1990, companies extensive range of industrial screeners, liquid filters & after-market parts have successfully assisted 1200+ customers on 10000+ projects across 12+ major industries in 30+ countries to increase quality, productivity and profitability. For more information, visit at


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