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New variants launched for Self-cleaning filter

Galaxy Sivtek Launches New Self Cleaning Filter-1600 to Remove Contaminants from Extremely Viscous Liquids

Galaxy Sivtek Pvt. Ltd, the leaders in manufacturing of industrial sieving, separator and filtering solutions, today announced the launch of Self Cleaning Filter-1600 (SF-1600), competent of processing extremely sticky liquids in diverse liquid processing industries.

The new entrant in SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter series, SF-1600 decreases wastage of significant product and ensures the quality of a final product by eliminating impurities as a waste stream. One of the key benefits of SF-1600 is the minimum use or elimination of disposable bags and cartridges, in-turn leading to reducing operating and inventory costs.

Nilesh Khimsaria, Senior Vice President, Galaxy Sivtek India, added Liquid Processing Industries run into a unique combination of challenges i.e. to increase purity with least wastage of principal product and to ensure safer operations with minimum manual intervention. The High Throughput Self Cleaning Filter-1600 from Galaxy Sivtek is designed to resolve these industry challenges.

What’s New?

With SF-1600, the company introduces Filter Control System (PLC), which completely automates the working of filtering equipment without manual intervention. This leads to higher safety and increased productivity.

The cleaning disc and actuator design of Self Cleaning Filter-1600 can be neatly engineered into existing liquid filtering production lines, with temperature up to 200 Celsius.

Ideal For.
Extremely Viscous Liquid- Flow Rates up to 750 LPM.
Running (water like) Liquids-Flow Rates up to 1833 LPM.

Key Features.
Compact Design-fits anywhere.
100% Uptime-negligible maintenance.

Application Range.
Paper coatings, Ethanol, Machining coolants, Detergents, Petroleum grease, Adhesives, Hot fry oils, Ink and Chocolate, Corn syrup, Peanut butter of chocolate, Starch, Slurries, Cip fluids (sodium hydroxide) and Phenolic resins.

Laughing all the way, Presently, company’s existing customers from Ink, Chocolate and Gum Arabic industry have significantly increased the purity of their respective product with SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter-800 series (SF-800).

About Galaxy Sivtek.

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Galaxy Sivtek, an ISO certified company is primarily engaged in design & development, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial screening & self-cleaning filter equipments. Since 1990, company’s extensive range of industrial screeners, liquid filters & after-market parts have successfully assisted 1200+ customers on 10000+ projects across 12+ major industries in 30+ countries to increase quality, productivity and profitability. For more information, please visit at


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