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In-house Trial Facility

Inhouse Application Trial Facility

Galaxy Sivtek has always believed in keeping process easier for their valued prospects & clients. At the very initial years of our establishment, we had powered our premises with dedicated inhouse trial & Research department to enable test sieves of various products. Over a period of time, we have kept on innovating & upgrading our trial & research department with the latest techno facilities.

With dedicated resources for trials & test sieves & with modern tech facilitated trial & research department, we are fully capable of conducting multiple trials & test sieves at a time. Till date, we have successfully conducted more than 25k+ trials for 12+ industries ranging from Food & beverage to the chemical industry, Pharmaceutical to Mineral & Metal industry.

Wide range of products such as flours, spices, pharmaceutical powders & APIs, activated carbon, chocolate slurry & liquid chocolates, polymers, etc have been testing sieved & filtered till date.


The lab test is one of the most crucial parts of the test, research & development process as it helps to know various artifacts of the product/material to be sieved/filtered. Lab testing is very important to evaluate key factors such as mesh opening & more.

To check the attributes & characteristics of products such as bulk density, size & shape we have equipped lab test facility with sieve shaker, magnified viewer machines & more. Before & after Test sieving the material, lab testing is conducted that helps in confirming attributes of material & according to those attributes/ characteristics machine for test sieve/filter is finalized.

Even after the test sieve, the lab testing is conducted to know to pass through & flow rates that help in generating the accurate testing report with information such as how much ton/liter/kg per hour can be sieved or filtered.

Lab test sieving facility

Trial on wide range of Machines

Once lab testing is conducted to know the characteristics of the material to be sieved or filtered, the main testing takes place. During this course of action sieving, screening or filtering machine that suits the requirements is selected.

Galaxy Sivtek is one of biggest manufacturers of different kind of sieves & filters worldwide & have various variants of sieves, separators & filters. From linear motion sieves to centrifugal sieving machines, from round Vibro sifters to inline (centre inlet & center outlet) sifters we have almost all kind of essential sifters, separators & filters matching the needs of 12+ industries.

Having a wide range of sieving & filtering machines enables us to sieve/filter materials & products with multiple options & hence helps us to deliver a perfect solution to the clients as per their requirements.


Success Story: Sieving Green Coffee With Sivtek Roto Sifter

Sieve Green coffee

Success Story: Sieving Detergent Powder

Inline Sifter For Detergent Powder

Success Story: Screening Rice Flour With Inline Sivtek

Sieving Rice Flour


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