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Accessories For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Sivtek Accessories are mainly used to achieve the quality of the product. This can be installed in your current machine. No need to buy a new machine for one single accessory. When you’re not getting expected throughput or facing such quality concerns with your final product so install any suitable accessories with your current sifter which can solve your problem.

We’ve added a huge range of accessories that can be fitted in any make of round sifter, centrifugal sifter or horizontal vibrating screen to increase the quality with an expecting throughput.

Below is the list of accessories, please just look at once and check which accessories can be fitted in your Vibro sifters & separators to improve the quality and throughput.

Range of Accessories For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Magnetic Grill

Galaxy Sivtek believes in quality and thus we always give the best solutions for your problem related to ferrous iron particles in your product. Due to ferrous iron particles, you may be facing quality issues and product rejection which definitely harm your business. To remove your ferrous iron particles we suggest you to use our genuine magnetic grill or drawer for your powder or dry kind of material and for slurry or liquid material our magnetic filter is the best option for you. Our magnetic grills and filter are made up with stainless steel and high gradient magnetic fields to eliminate ferrous iron particles. Its available in round, rectangle or square as per your need. For more details please contact our expert now.

Accessories for Vibro Sifter

CIP System

Galaxy Sivtek provides Clean in place system for Vibro sifter as well as the self-cleaning filter. The basic need of this CIP system is to clean after every batch is finished if you don’t clean the machine so remaining application particles cause contamination for the upcoming batch which is very harmful for food or pharmaceutical industries. It's not needed if the material is free to flow or flowable, but when your application is sticky or loaded with moisture content so you need to use this CIP system to make your product free from contamination and other impurities. To know more about the please read this blog or contact our expert now.

CIP System

Magnetic filters

Magnetic filters are used to filter liquid and make sure that its free from iron particles. This filter is mainly used in chemical, pharma industries, food and oil industries etc. This kind of filters are made of high intensity rare earth magnets or ceramics.

Magnetic filters are installed where the fluid is travelled, all the liquid materials passed through magnetic field high intensity filter where iron particles or you can say the ferrous particles get caught. After finishing the batch, we can manually clean the filter easily after removing the top lid of it. We can use it in any application where you want to remove iron particles from your liquid, for more details please contact us.

Magnetic Filter

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