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Consumable Parts For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Any brands of Vibro sifter, screener or filter you used, to run that machine 24/7 you always check the condition of the consumable parts, it needs to be changed regularly to get the quality output.

We suggest you buy always genuine Sivtek consumable spares for your Vibro sifter or filter because we know local spares may working well initially but not the best solutions for a longer run.

Galaxy Sivtek’s range of consumables spare parts which include Gasket, rubber bellow, sliders, spring retainers, castor wheels and many more. As we are leading manufacturers of Vibro sifter, centrifugal sifter and self-cleaning filter we can give the solutions to our competitor’s make also if they are facing any capacity or quality concerns.

Given below are our huge range of consumables, please help yourself to choose the right spares for your sifter and filter.

Range of SIVTEK Consumable Parts

Rubber Gasket

To fulfill your all kind of applications Galaxy Sivtek offers gaskets in all kind of diameter. Gasket plays a major role to prevent leakages in all kinds of sifters & separators. Galaxy Sivtek provides a range of materials in gaskets which includes silicone, neoprene and nitrile. Rubber gaskets for all kinds of Vibro sifters, screeners and separators. Galaxy Sivtek understand your need and applications and supply suitable material of gasket If you need the gasket for food application so we can give supply FDA approved material also. For more detail please contact our expert now.

Rubber Gasket For Sifter

Anti-vibration Mount

Galaxy Sivtek manufactures and supplies all major parts for vibratory screens and sifters. In this Anti-vibration mounts are also one of them which is used to deliver isolation to the adjoining structures and allow the required vibratory force to separate the products. The main purpose of the vibration isolation is to reduce the transmission of vibration which will support the surrounding structure and perfectly designed vibration isolation system that can cut the vibration up to 95%.
To know more please contact our expert now.

Anti Vibration Mount For Sifter

Rubber Ball and Slider

Everyone is processing different type of application and Galaxy Sivtek understand your requirements. As we all know the need of sifting or screening are different as per the application and that’s why we offer different kind of balls and sliders to gives you the appropriate throughput without compromising the quality of the application. This Deblinding kit is placed on the perforated plate or a coarser mesh which bounces off and tap the working mesh and removes the chocked particles and deblind the mesh.

If we processing food or similar kind of application so we can suggest Silicone rubber ball, but the material is mineral or metal kind of so, we can suggest you neoprene and if you are looking for a flameproof kind of material so we can go nitrile rubber ball. Same as rubber ball we have two different kinds of sliders, one is nylon and the second one is PVC. Contact our expert to know more about our sliders and rubber balls.

Rubber ball for vibro sifter

Rubber Bellow

Whatever application you are going to sieve or filter with our Vibro sifter at outlet your product pass through rubber bellow which may be alone or connected to somewhere else. All the material is pass-through this bellow. Whether your product is dry, wet, sticky, oily, food-grade, abrasive, low temperature or high temperature we can supply our rubber bellow for all kinds of applications.
Please contact our Sivtek expert to know more about our rubber bellow.

Rubber Ballow

Spring Retainers

Spring and retainers are works together, or you can say it depends on each other. Retainer’s job is to hold the spring and give support while spring’s work is to absorb the vibration. With this pair of spring and retainers your sifter is running smoothly. To know more contact our expert now.

Spring and retainers for sifter

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