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Easy to operate system for lifting the deck

The pneumatic deck lifting arrangement system is currently installed in SIVTEK Tumbler Screen which can be retrofitted in all-round sifter available in Sivtek family. At the time of changing screen with multi-deck sieving machine, each deck must be raised up and then changed the screen individually. This process is very time consuming as well as labour intensive. To minimise the labour as well as downtime Galaxy Sivtek developed pneumatic deck lifting arrangement system, with the help of this lifting deck and changing screen become very easy and hassle-free. In limited access place, this system would be very helpful because you can access it from the single side to the machine. When using Sivtek toggle clamps together it saves more time by eliminating the time-consuming process of tightening the nuts on the clamping screws which guarantees consistent clamping force. To make your deck lifting system hassle-free please contact our Sivtek expert and minimise your labour as well as time.

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