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Sieves & Baskets For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

To sieve any dry material, powder or liquid application you always need a quality screen or basket to sieve or filter your application. If you don’t use a genuine Sivtek screen so you will be struggling with the quality of your product.

Why Sivtek Screens?

Mesh will be torn or loosen which affects your final product. The main reason to buy genuine Sivtek Screens is to maintain the opening size of the mesh, most local brands opening size will increase after the use of few days or months and it will affect the quality.

As we are a leading manufacturer of Vibro screens and separators in India, we can help to provide solutions to our competitor's make and model also. If anyone is facing the quality issue with their final product so Galaxy Sivtek is there for you to help.
For more detail please check our wide range of screens and basket for your Vibro sifter or centrifugal sifter of any make.

Range of Sieves & Baskets For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Sandwich Screen

Galaxy Sivtek manufactures Sivtek Sandwich screens which include the working mesh on the top and support screen at the bottom of the ring with balls and sliders placed in the middle of the screens. Because of the vibration, the balls and sliders will bounce off on the support screen and continuously tap the working screen. The small size of particles or fiber clog the screen and it will blind the maximum screen and minimize the screening area. Ball and sliders are deblind the screen with the help of continuously tapping the screen.

This Sivtek sandwich screen is available in all grades of stainless steel. Our sandwich screen is available in the range of 18” to 72” diameter screens. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Sandwich Screen Ring For Sifter

US – FDA Compliant Ring

Sivtek compliant ring is specially designed for food and pharmaceutical industries. People are using silicone bonded screen rings in pharmaceutical industries for sieving and screening solutions but there are few problems with this like its not reusable when its damage or torn so you need to through it and used a new one. Mesh tension will not be the same, periodically it will loosen up and not screen properly, so we need to use hand or any other object which may cause contamination and not good for pharmaceutical industries. Because of the loosen mesh opening size also not will be the same and you can’t get the quality product. So that’s why we suggest you to use our US-FDA approved compliant ring which reusable, also mesh tension will be the same which gives you the optimum screening area and helps to give you the quality product. For more detail please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Pharma Screen Ring

SZ Screen Ring

Sivtek Sz screen ring® is the newly designed screen mesh having its own uniqueness, features & noteworthy advantages. The all-new Sivtek Sz screen ring® is light weighted screen mesh which is extremely easy to handle.
Sivtek Sz screen ring® comes with precise & uniform tensioning which provides maximum throughput, minimal to zero cleaning & human interaction, longer mesh life along with accurate & efficient sieving. Screen mesh can also be reused as remeshing is quite simple & require minimal tools.
Lightweight, affordable price, precise tensioning, FDA complied materials & ability to withstand severe atmosphere is what makes Sivtek Sz screen ring® stand separate from rest screen rings available in the market.
Sivtek Sz screen ring® can be retrofitted in nearly all kinds of round & circular sifters & separators having a diameter ranging from 18 inches to 60 inches, For more detail please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Economical Screen Ring

Self-Cleaning Filter's Basket

The self-cleaning filter basket is in a cylindrical shape which is made of metal. The main function of the basket is it catches the contamination at the time of the filtration process. Galaxy Sivtek believes in quality, our filter basket is made of wedge-wire contains of stainless-steel wires with a trapezoidal-shaped cross-section. In this basket, cross-sections are parallel to each other with the small gap in between the wires. When fluid passes through basket so the oversized material will be jammed into that basket in between the space of the wedge wire at the time of the filtration process. To know more about of filter basket please contact our Sivtek expert.

Self-cleaning filter's basket

Perforated Sheet

Perforated sheet is used to screen something like plastic pellets, candies or almonds and remove impurities. The pattern of the sheet is blank at the periphery which helps to remove long shaped particles. Compare to wire mesh using a perforated sheet is much better in such an application because it gives longer life and accurate screening. It also used to give support of the de-blinding kit. Because of its smooth surface movement of the ball tray is very easy and gives strong support to the bottom of it. To know more about the perforated sheet please contact our Sivtek expert.

Rotary Basket

Rotary Basket is used to sieve the material in the centrifugal sifter, Galaxy Sivtek understands your need and always gives the appropriate basket with stainless still mesh to sieve your product accurately. If your required mesh is very fine, so we are giving that basket with the additional support of perforated sheet which makes it stronger. Because of this its increase the life of the mesh and give quality sieving last longer. To know more please contact our sieving expert.

Centrifugal Sifter's basket

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