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Range of SIVTEK Spares for All Kind of Vibro Sifters and Self-Cleaning Filters.

Galaxy Sivtek makes and supplies all kinds of spares for a round sifter, centrifugal sifter, rectangular separator, and self-cleaning filter. We strongly recommend using only Sivtek genuine parts for your sifter. Galaxy Sivtek believes in quality and always use quality material for each product and spares.

Why use genuine SIVTEK Spares…!

Not using genuine part may work fine initially but it will cause a problem for the long run and after a few months for sure you will see the difference in the performance of Vibro sifter. The quality of the application or the capacity you required may affect when you are dealing with some local spares. When we talk about genuine parts so it’s not only screen ring, mesh or basket we are talking about every single part being used in the Vibro sifter like spring, rubber balls, sliders, clamps, etc.

Galaxy Sivtek identifies your need and offers a huge variety of screens and parts for all kinds of Vibro sifter, centrifugal sifters, and self-cleaning filters. We also help to improve the quality and capacity of our competitor’s make sifter by using our genuine Sivtek spares.

For any genuine parts whether it is consumables, fabricated parts, metal parts, screens or accessories contact our expert now.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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