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Assisting Bakers Technology

Assisting Bakers Technology with Sieving & Filtering Solutions

Bakers Technology fair 2019 is one of the famous exhibitions in India and other neighboring countries. It connects the entire value chain of the bakery and confectionery market. This is the annual exhibition that connects industry leaders, manufacturers, distributors & service providers.

Galaxy Sivtek is participating and exhibiting its sieving and filtering solutions for a wide range of applications in the bakery and confectionery industry. This exhibition is from 5 to 7 July 2019 at the Codissia trade fair complex, Tamil Nadu, India. Galaxy Sivtek is assisting the bakery industry since 1990 and providing undying support to solve sieving and filtering problems.

You will be able to see Galaxy Sivtek’s top-performing Vibro sifters at stand B-24 and feel the love vibration of the machine. Galaxy Sivtek experts will be assisting you to improve product quality and remove impurities in your bakery product.

The bakery industry is one such industry where Vibro sifters are used in multiple areas. Galaxy Sivtek can fulfill the demand and solutions can be placed at required places. Whether it is for flour, biscuits, chocolate, or any other item which needs to be checked screened, or graded.

Galaxy Sivtek also comes up with SIVTEK spares and capacity enhancement equipment. This equipment can drastically improve the screening capacity as well as provides accurate screening results which please the end consumer. It is always recommended to use genuine SIVTEK parts so the plant can be run all the time with no shutdown.

Mr. Milind Priyadarshi, Assistant Manager, After Sales concludes that we are bound to provide our clients with a resultant solution that can actually solve the purpose with fewer costs.

Galaxy Sivtek promises to provide you with 24/7 customer support service and a never-ending bond of providing you world-class sieving and filtering support that you can feel proud of. Say Hi at stall B-24 and learn the sieving technology to improve product quality.

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