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pregnant women & children’s nutritional product

Galaxy delivers sieving solution for pregnant women & children’s nutritional product.

It was a moment of pride for Galaxy Sivtek when one of the most renowned dairy products & chocolate making company (due to confidentiality clause name of the company is not being disclosed) approached us for their need of manufacturing nutritional food for pregnant women & children (From six months till six years).

In conversation with our product expert & advisor, they stated, “We want high-quality separators for manufacturing of nutrition products that are going to be part of Government campaign for pregnant women & for children between age group of 6 months to 6 years.” They added that the products are not for sale in the market, and it will be exclusively used for Nutrition Campaign by State Government. (Name of the state not mentioned due to confidential clauses)

After understanding the exact process, our expert suggested them to install three SIVTEK® Vibro Sifter with different sieve sizes. Below is the detailed information of process & our role within the making process.

The nutritional food “bal bhog & shakti bhog” is made with all the healthy ingredients as soya flour, corn flour, rice, wheat & chickpea lentils which have their unique nutritional benefits.

Talking future about the process, all the ingredients are roasted in roaster machine & after that well grinded for mixture in the industrial grinding machine. Once the roasting & grinding is done, the material is sieved for scalping in SIVTEK® Vibro Separator. During the grinding & roasting, unwanted fine particles are also carried ahead with material & scalping plays an important role in the process.

After the proper scalping & sieving, all the powder form raw materials are mixed in a big container for making the final product. Once the product is ready in powder form & before packing one safety check screening is required to confirm eliminations of foreign particles, lumps or any other dangerous items like nut bolts, etc. For the safety check screening, they used our Inline Sivtek which one is really a wise choice.

So that’s how our Vibro Separator played an important role in making of nutritional product for pregnant women & children.

Talk to SIVTEK Solution Specialist and learn more about how to increase the quality of food & pharmaceutical API and Excipient with Galaxy Sivtek’s Vibro Sifters.

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