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Food India Expos Red Carpet

Galaxy Sivtek to Step on Food India Expos Red Carpet

Welcome to MP

Madhya Pradesh! One of the biggest state in the nation. The state of Fertile Agricultural Land and idle climatic conditions. As per the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) Food Market of India is expected to increase by 40% of the current market, for that reason, Vyapar Express is coming up with India’s first buyer-seller meet, food India Expo 2018 at Bhopal.

Say Hello to Galaxy

We at Galaxy Sivtek are committed to providing best quality Spare parts for Vibro Separators & Filters. SIVTEK spares are designed to meet high capacity sieving requirements. No matter what brand product you are using, SIVTEK Spares can fit into almost all the sifters & filters.

Trust of 26 years is enough to produce a quality product. Our spare products are according to US-FDA & CGMP norms.

Increase Screening Capacity

There are different reasons why you get low screening capacity. It may be due to loose mesh or choking of mesh. Increase screening capacity of your sifters & Filters with only genuine SIVTEK spares. Galaxy Sivtek is having different types of solutions to solve your current screening problems. Visit the stall and ask Mr. Milind what he can do to assist you.

Remove Ferrous Particles

It damages the brand name if any ferrous particle is present in your food material. SIVTEK expert at stall A-62 can provide you with different types of magnets which can help you to get pure liquid or solid materials.

SIVTEK Promise

Galaxy SIVTEK is Committed to Quality & Committed to you. The SIVTEK service department is having a separate work force which looks after the maintenance & installation of our products. Let’s have a talk with our experts if there a query in your mind.

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