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GulFood Manufacturing Highlights

GulFood Manufacturing Highlights

Gulfood manufacturing is one of the most famous exhibitions in the world, which was held on 6-8 Nov 2018 in Dubai. This expo highlighted all the food processing technologies from various fields. GulFood manufacturing puts the future of food processing in focus. Galaxy SIvtek is participating every year at GulFood manufacturing and showcasing its innovative sieving and filtering solutions to the world. Being the largest sieving and filtering manufacturer we are committed to serving the food & other allied industries. If you have missed a chance to see what happened at GulFood, will get you in.

Galaxy Sivtek was the big star among the exhibitors because Galaxy Sivtek is assisting the food industry in sieving and filtering their food ingredients. Assisting them to manufacture high-quality food ingredients which can be in the form of powder, granules, or slurries.

Galaxy Sivtek showcased SIVTEK Vibro Separator which gives you a hygienic screening solution under fine mesh with a high throughput capacity. All the food ingredients are not the same. They have different properties, structures, and desired screening requirements. Therefore experts from the galaxy site were assisting clients based on their sieving requirements.

Mr. Keyur – Export Sales Manager concludes that GulFood manufacturing was a wonderful experience for us as well as for food manufacturers. Especially for those who were facing quality & contamination issues with their products.

Galaxy SIvtek is covering more than 12+ industries and have assisted 1200+ brands to achieve quality and their desired results in a long run. A better sieving setup is an investment to manufacture quality and contamination-free final products. When you are dealing with edible items you always think about safety first. That’s why Galaxy Sivtek is assuring contact parts are made from hygienic stainless steel and according to CGMP & FDA-approved norms.

See you next time in GulFood 2019 & let’s work together to manufacture quality food ingredients, for a better future.

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