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Spares for Rotary Sifter

Wire Mesh

To sieve any dry material, powder or liquid application you always need a quality screen or mesh to sieve or your application. Mesh will be torn or loosen which affects your final product. Most local brands’ mesh opening size will increase after the use of few days or months and it will affect the quality. We provide the best quality wire mesh. Contact us for more information.


Perforated Sheet

A perforated sheet is used to screen something like plastic pellets, candies or almonds and remove impurities. The pattern of the sheet is blank at the periphery which helps to remove long-shaped particles. Compare to wire mesh using a perforated sheet is much better in such an application because it gives longer life and accurate screening. It also used to give support of the de-blinding kit. Because of its smooth surface movement of the ball tray is very easy and gives strong support to the bottom of it. To know more about the perforated sheet please contact our Sivtek expert.


Polymer Mesh

A synthetic polymer is characterized by high levels of chemical and electrical resistance, flexibility, insulating capability, flexural strength, and thermal stability. For such applications, polymer mesh is much more effective than other mesh types. To know more about the Polymer Mesh contact our Sivtek expert.


Mesh with Perforated Plate

Perforated mesh sheets, also known as perforated mesh panels, are used in countless industries. Mesh with a Perforated Plate is a useful material made by punching thousands of small holes into metal sheets. Mesh with Perforated Sheet. we are the most trusted names in the industry when it comes to distributing high-quality perforated mesh sheets. To know more about the product contact our Sivtek expert.


Rotary Basket

Rotary Basket is used to sieve the material in the centrifugal sifter, Galaxy Sivtek understands your need and always gives the appropriate basket with stainless still mesh to sieve your product accurately. If your required mesh is very fine, so we are giving that basket with the additional support of perforated sheet which makes it stronger. Because of this its increase the life of the mesh and give quality sieving last longer. To know more please contact our sieving expert.



The centrifugal sifter from Galaxy Sivtek is one of the most innovative screening apparatuses because of its unique & unrivalled benefits The Centrifugal Sifter stand is made of high-quality material which helps the machine to work efficiently without any obstructions. We provide To know more about the product contact us.



The door is an important part of the centrifugal Sifter. We can observe the product processing through the door. They are made of high-grade metal and have silicone gaskets that are FDA-approved. There is an air-tight clamp on these doors in order to prevent product loss. For more information contact our expert.



Shaft is part of the centrifugal sifter. Which is made from high-quality EN8 certified steel. This shaft also has come with a paddle arrangement which generates centrifugal force to sieve the material. Shaft is strong and balanced which supports the paddle arrangement. For more information contact our expert.



The main part of the machine is the machine body. A body can be finished with four different types of finishing: mirror, brush, bead blast, and paint. A robust design and high-quality materials are used to construct the machine body. For more information contact our sivtek expert.



The trapezoidal belt used in the centrifugal sifter are capable to transfer maximum amount of force from the motor to the shaft, the strength which these belts offer are very high, which is capable to transfer and withstand the higher forces of the processing material. For more information contact our experts.


Rubber Gasket

Silicon Nitrite
Rubber Gasket

To fulfill your all kind of applications Galaxy Sivtek offers gaskets in all kind of diameter. Gasket plays a major role to prevent leakages in all kinds of sifters & separators. Galaxy Sivtek provides a range of materials in gaskets which includes silicone, neoprene and nitrile. Rubber gaskets for all kinds of Vibro sifters, screeners and separators. Galaxy Sivtek understand your need and applications and supply suitable material of gasket If you need the gasket for food application so we can give supply FDA approved material also. For more detail please contact our expert now.



Using centrifugal Sifter with brush cleaner is one of the best options. At the time of sieving fine mesh material brush cleans the screen along the mesh while rotating the shaft. Manual cleaning of the mesh is no longer a burden. no need to remove the shaft and disturb your production line.

you just have to install this in your rotary sifter and let it clean automatically. This has been used by many industry leaders and they are getting very good results. Increased in throughput because chocking is eliminated. Production line is running smoothly because no time wasting in manual cleaning.


Front Bearing

The front bearing is a part of the centrifugal sifter which helps the machine shaft rotate at the designated speed, it also reduces the friction between the contact parts. The ball bearing which are used have a special seal provided to reduce the contamination and avoid choking. For more information contact our experts.


Variable Frequency Drive

Centrifugal Sifters use variable-frequency drives to control motor speed. VFD provide smooth control along with less power consumption. Compared to other flow control methods, variable speed motors are more efficient. For more information contact our Sivtek Expert.


Standard Motor

The motor is the most important part of any Vibro sifter and centrifugal sifter. Whether it is vibratory motor or standard electric motor Galaxy Sivtek believes to give the quality in every possible aspect. That’s why we are using the best motors for our Vibro sifters which must work 24/7 without any interruption.


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