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For Round Separators

Spare for Round Vibro Sifter
Sandwich Screen for sifter


Galaxy Sivtek manufactures Sivtek Sandwich screens which include the working mesh on the top and support screen at the bottom of the ring with balls and sliders placed in the middle of the screens. Because of the vibration, the balls and sliders will bounce off on the support screen and continuously tap the working screen. The small size of particles or fiber clog the screen and it will blind the maximum screen and minimize the screening area. Ball and sliders are deblind the screen with the help of continuously tapping the screen.

This Sivtek sandwich screen is available in all grades of stainless steel. Our sandwich screen is available in the range of 18” to 72” diameter screens. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.

US-FDA Compliance Screen For Vibro Sifter

US – FDA Compliant Ring

Sivtek compliant ring is specially designed for food and pharmaceutical industries. People are using silicone bonded screen rings in pharmaceutical industries for sieving and screening solutions but there are few problems with this like its not reusable when its damage or torn so you need to through it and used a new one. Mesh tension will not be the same, periodically it will loosen up and not screen properly, so we need to use hand or any other object which may cause contamination and not good for pharmaceutical industries.

Because of the loosen mesh opening size also not will be the same and you can’t get the quality product. So that’s why we suggest you to use our US-FDA approved compliant ring which reusable, also mesh tension will be the same which gives you the optimum screening area and helps to give you the quality product. For more detail please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Pharma Screen Ring

SZ Screen Ring

Sivtek Sz screen ring® is the newly designed screen mesh having its own uniqueness, features & noteworthy advantages. The all-new Sivtek Sz screen ring® is light weighted screen mesh which is extremely easy to handle.

Sivtek Sz screen ring® comes with precise & uniform tensioning which provides maximum throughput, minimal to zero cleaning & human interaction, longer mesh life along with accurate & efficient sieving. Screen mesh can also be reused as remeshing is quite simple & require minimal tools.

Lightweight, affordable price, precise tensioning, FDA complied materials & ability to withstand severe atmosphere is what makes Sivtek Sz screen ring® stand separate from rest screen rings available in the market.

Sivtek Sz screen ring® can be retrofitted in nearly all kinds of round & circular sifters & separators having a diameter ranging from 18 inches to 60 inches, For more detail please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Lid Cover

Lid Cover

Galaxy Sivtek manufacture full lead cover assembly as per your need. We can customize the lid as per your requirement. The lid is manufactured with an inspection window so you can check while its sieving or filtering the material. The lid is very helpful in dusty environments, it prevents the material from dusting & contamination. You can easily fix it or remove it with the set of toggle clamp.

To know more about it, please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Feed Tray or Transfer Chute

Transfer chute/Feed tray

To get the effective separation from one deck to another deck transferchute or you can say the feed tray plays a very effective role in it. It centralizes the material and passes it to another deck to sieve accordingly. Because of this, you will get the optimum result in gradation. It will help to get the maximum throughput with quality. We suggest you use this in all multiple deck system for gradation to get the optimum output.

To know more about it, please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Vibro Sifter's Deck


Deck is one of the most important part of the sifter, its designed according to the user requirement. Its inner surface is smooth (mirror finish) to prevent any kind of contamination and for few applications it outer part is also smooth as inner part. Its fully customizable and designed with different height, multiple spout and dia. With the help of this deck we support our mesh and sieve the material and it passes through the periphery of it and finally it comes out from the spout. To know more please contact our expert now.

Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps

Galaxy Sivtek is always coming with a solution that is easy to use and maintain the quality of the product. Toggle clamp is one of them which is used to assemble and dismantle the deck of the separator with ease. Our clamps are durable and it’s as per compliance norms. We ensure that with our toggle clamps you can operate a safe operation. To know more please contact our expert.

auxiliaries plates

Auxiliaries Plates

Auxiliaries plates are playing a very important role in any Vibro sifter to get an optimum throughput with expected quality. We already added standard eccentric weight for creating the (X) amount of vibration to sieve your application but sometimes the character of the application required more vibration to sieve or filter so we used auxiliaries plates to add (X+) vibration. With the help of these plates, we get the required vertical vibration for any particular application and get the best results out of it. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Base for Vibro Sifter


As the vibro sifter machine works efficiently, the base will keep it in place while the column supports the upper mechanical components and connects them effectively. Additionally, this option provides fine-tuning and agitator options for advanced vibrations. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Rubber Gasket

Rubber Gasket

Silicon Nitrite
Rubber Gasket

To fulfill your all kind of applications Galaxy Sivtek offers gaskets in all kind of diameter. Gasket plays a major role to prevent leakages in all kinds of sifters & separators. Galaxy Sivtek provides a range of materials in gaskets which includes silicone, neoprene and nitrile. Rubber gaskets for all kinds of Vibro sifters, screeners and separators. Galaxy Sivtek understand your need and applications and supply suitable material of gasket If you need the gasket for food application so we can give supply FDA approved material also. For more detail please contact our expert now.

anti vibration mount

Anti-vibration Mount

Galaxy Sivtek manufactures and supplies all major parts for vibratory screens and sifters. In this Anti-vibration mounts are also one of them which is used to deliver isolation to the adjoining structures and allow the required vibratory force to separate the products. The main purpose of the vibration isolation is to reduce the transmission of vibration which will support the surrounding structure and perfectly designed vibration isolation system that can cut the vibration up to 95%.

To know more please contact our expert now.

Rubber Ball & Slider

Rubber Ball and Slider

Everyone is processing different type of application and Galaxy Sivtek understand your requirements. As we all know the need of sifting or screening are different as per the application and that’s why we offer different kind of balls and sliders to gives you the appropriate throughput without compromising the quality of the application. This Deblinding kit is placed on the perforated plate or a coarser mesh which bounces off and tap the working mesh and removes the chocked particles and deblind the mesh.

If we processing food or similar kind of application so we can suggest Silicone rubber ball, but the material is mineral or metal kind of so, we can suggest you neoprene and if you are looking for a flameproof kind of material so we can go nitrile rubber ball. Same as rubber ball we have two different kinds of sliders, one is nylon and the second one is PVC. Contact our expert to know more about our sliders and rubber balls.

Rubber Bellow For Sifter

Rubber Bellow

Whatever application you are going to sieve or filter with our Vibro sifter at outlet your product pass through rubber bellow which may be alone or connected to somewhere else. All the material is pass-through this bellow. Whether your product is dry, wet, sticky, oily, food-grade, abrasive, low temperature or high temperature we can supply our rubber bellow for all kinds of applications.

Please contact our Sivtek expert to know more about our rubber bellow.

spring & retainers

Spring Retainers

Spring and retainers are works together, or you can say it depends on each other. Retainer’s job is to hold the spring and give support while spring’s work is to absorb the vibration. With this pair of spring and retainers your sifter is running smoothly. To know more contact our expert now.

Rubber Sleeves

Rubber Sleeves

The Galaxy Sivtek rubber sleeves consist of a seamless rubber tube with a smooth inner surface.. As the name suggests, these rubber sleeves are produced on a mandrel and have no bonded seam. Outer covers can be ground smooth if required.Contact our expert to know more about our rubber sleeves.



They hold the upper section of the unit intact whilst it vibrates to separate the materials. In a broader perspective, the springs act as a damper. This enables the machine to vibrate freely.

In order for the machine to move hydraulically, springs are necessary. The springs also hold the upper component of the machine in place while the machine vibrates and processes the materials.

castor wheel

Castor Wheel

Galaxy Sivtek offers Castor Wheel Mounted Portable Vibro Sifter. We supply a wide range of castor wheel vibratory sifters for different industrial applications. The Castor Wheel Mounted Portable Vibro Sifter is used for separation and gradation of material by gyratory vibration and is available in various diameter sizes. The castor wheels are robust and can be used in wet, corrosive, or sanitary environments. Contact our expert to know more about castor wheel.

Standard Motor

Standard Motor

The motor is the most important part of any Vibro sifter and centrifugal sifter. Whether it is vibratory motor or standard electric motor Galaxy Sivtek believes to give the quality in every possible aspect. That’s why we are using the best motors for our Vibro sifters which must work 24/7 without any interruption.

Vibratory Motor

Vibratory Motor

As we all know the vibratory motor is the most curious part of any Vibro sifter or separator, that’s why we always give you the best motors for your machine. Whether its foot mounted or flange mounted we are giving you the best vibratory motor. We assure you that you will achieve the perfect vibratory motions with the help of eccentric weights fitted at the top and bottom of the shaft. We have various models of a vibratory motor for all kinds of sifter and separator. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.


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