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For Self Cleaning Filter

Spares For Self-Cleaning Filter
wedge wire basket for filter

Wedge Wire Basket

This Sivtek sandwich screen is available in all grades of stainless steel. Our sandwich screen is available in the range of 18” to 72” diameter screens. To know more please contact our Sivtek expert now.

perforated basket for filter

Perforated Basket

Because of the loosen mesh opening size also not will be the same and you can’t get the quality product. So that’s why we suggest you to use our US-FDA approved compliant ring which reusable, also mesh tension will be the same which gives you the optimum screening area and helps to give you the quality product. For more detail please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Body Shell For Filter

Body Shell

It is the top part of the filter which is made of SS. Galaxy Sivtek self-cleaning filter is designed to resolve prominent industry challenges to increase productivity and reduce operating cost by complete automation of filtering equipment. To know more about the product please contact our Sivtek expert.

flange (RJT connection)

RJT connection (Flange)

It is the area of the self-cleaning filter where a fluid passes from. there are different sizes of the inlet that you can have depending on your application. We provide the best quality flange for your self-cleaning filter. To know more contact our expert.

hinge clamp

Hinge Clamp

In order to connect the top body shell and bottom body shell, hinge clamps are used. Hinge Clamps are made of galvanized steel and are manufactured to withstand heavy loads. To know more about the product contact us

Stand For Filter

Filter Stand

The self-cleaning filter stand is made of high-quality material which helps the machine to work efficiently without any obstructions. We have given this optional stand. We provide Self-Cleaning liquid Filter as per your customized requirement. To know more about the product contact us.

wiper disc

Wiper Disc

It is a disc-shaped component held on a central core in the self-cleaning filter. Stacking discs with holes in the middle forms a hollow cylinder. By blocking the impurities in the liquid, the disc creates a passage for it to pass through. To know more about the product contact us.

pressure gauge

Pressure Gauge

It is the component in the self-cleaning filter that measures fluid pressure. It is designed to operate within a specific pressure range. The pressure gauge makes sure there are no leaks or pressure in the filter. For more information connect us.

pneumatic cylinder

Pneumatic Cylinder

A pneumatic cylinder converts compressed air energy into a reciprocating linear motion. In Self-cleaning filter Pneumatic Cylinder uses compressed air to move a piston in and out.Galaxy Sivtek is the largest industrial filter manufacturer in the world. To know more about the product contact us.

frl valve

FRL Valve

The FRL unit or the friction-reducing lubrication is a component of the self-cleaning filter. This is where compressed air from the compressor comes in, which is processed, controlled and lubricated. Solid contaminants are prevented from entering the system through FRL. For more information contact us.

dual cylinder

Dual Cylinder

With the use of the dual cylinder, there is a very low chance to check the material and aid the power from a double side and most important thing in any condition if the leak occurred, so the material will come out from the top and your both cylinder will be safe.

filter control system

Filter Control System

With the help Filter Control System, we can handle our Sivtek Self-Cleaning Filter in the more efficient way. By using this you can adjust cylinder Stroke’s speed and control the output. Adjust timer of an actuator from here.

Set anything and saw the output in a beautiful LCD Display. Set only once and run non-stop until the last drop of your product is not processed.

actuator for filter

Double Actuator With Timer

The filter works efficiently without any chaos and the production line runs smoothly without any rundowns. Consumption of power is reduced due to the pressure drops and flow rates prevailing in the filter. Which also indicates an increase in the profit margins due to a reduction in energy costs.

Whatever liquid material you have, you just need to set the timer and your production will flow non-stop and get a wonderful result.



Pump plays is a major role to move fluid in self-cleaning filter. A pump used the Basic forces of nature to move liquids. When it comes to quality we provide the top-class pump for the self-cleaning filter. For more information contact us.


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