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advantages of pneumatic screen

5 advantages of our pneumatic screening machine you can’t ignore

Vacuum SIVTEK® from the house of Galaxy Sivtek is one of the most valued & trusted products worldwide. Our Product Experts were inspired to introduce Vacuum SIVTEK® in the market as many industrial productions demanded a high level of safety & along with completely hygienic & disinfected units.

Here are the 5 considerable advantage of installing Vacuum SIVTEK® in our plant for sieving & screening purpose.

1. Ultra-Hygienic: During the handling of critical bulk solids majorly two concerns are shadowed always, one is the safety of workers due to a release of product particulate in the environment which is unpleasant for workers & the second is product contamination due to the manual interaction of operators. Both concerns are completely addressed due to its ultra-hygienic & enclosed design.

2. US-FDA & c-GMP Compliant: Now a day as many regulatory bodies across the globe are imposing strict rules & regulations for food & pharma, it is mandatory for companies to use production machines & equipment that is as per US-FDA & cGMP norms. We also facilitate other obligatory certificates.

3. Dust-free Operation: Many products from the pharmaceutical & food industry such as flour, sugar, spices, pharma powders, etc. needs to be manufactured & processed with very carefully as small contamination can lead to a dangerous outcome. During the processing of such products, the dust-free operation is required & with a colossal enclosed design of our pneumatic conveying sieve achieving dust-free operation is quite easy.

4. Easily installable: The design of our Vacuum sieve is flexible & can be proficiently installed in your current pneumatic conveying lines.

5. Low noise level: As compared to other sieves in the market, one of the sublime advantages Vacuum Sieve carries is of fewer noise levels. The level of noise is less than 65Dba.
Along with the above-mentioned benefits, there are many other hidden benefits such as low power consumption & high-efficiency sifting, no crevices enable easy cleaning, low running & maintenance cost.

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