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Biggest Trial Facility For Sieving & Filtering Solutions

Biggest Trial Facility For Sieving & Filtering Solutions

Galaxy Sivtek being one of the pioneers in delivering Sieving & Filtering solution worldwide has always emphasized on product quality & throughput that our client demands.

Owning the responsibility of cent percent quality, we have built high tech Research & Development center at our Head office & Plant in Vadodara, Gujarat which can conduct multiple trails at a time.

This R&D center is fully equipped with our wide range of sieving & filtering solutions ranging from linear motion sieves to round sifters, from centrifugal separators to automatic & self-cleaning filters.

Customers & prospects can send in their product material that would be tested by expert as per listed requirements. Once the trial is conducted brief report/s are generated stating the result of the trial and send to customer/prospect.

Apart from Inhouse trial facility, we also have onsite trial facility. Under Onsite Trials, we help the client to decide on tentative machine that would meet their requirement & provisional installation of that machine is done at their manufacturing unit/plant.

Clients can perform sieving/screening/grading/filtering of their products for a week & if satisfied with the quality & output can purchase the machine/s then after.

Below is the story of “How we helped one of the World’s biggest Mineral company initially with Onsite trial for Sieving minerals at their production plant”

Currently the customer were using multiple round sifters to sieve minerals & they were looking for single machine instead of multiple machines. The problem with Single machine was of efficiency & capacity.

Experts from Galaxy Sivtek suggested to use Line Sivtek® (Linear Motion Sifter) as it has wide dimensions as compared to round traditional separators which can help them to achieve efficiency & capacity along with reducing their existing no. of round sifters.

Linea Sivtek® was installed at their premises on trial bases for a week. During that week they Sieved their minerals in Linea Sivtek & were extremely happy with the capacity & efficiency. They were also satisfied with operating mechanism as it is powered with easy clamping system.

Their analysis report of Sieving with Linea Sivtek® was positive as they were able to get desired throughput & capacity along with quality. Customer then ordered 2 units of Line Sivtek® against their old 6 units of Round Separator.

During interaction with Our Sales Manager, the production head quoted “We are extremely grateful to Sivtek for providing such a flexible way of trial at our own premises. We were in doubt, to which they directly gave us option of TRY & BUY. Thank you, Galaxy”

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