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Clean in Place system

Clean in Place your Sieving and Filtering Equipment

Sieving & Filtering is a crucial process in any of the processing industries. Tons of products are sieved on daily basis. As a result Sifters or filters are getting a huge load while processing. After each batch, it may be required to clean the equipment in its place.

Majorly food and pharma industries need to make their equipment clean and hygienic because they have to follow strict quality norms. After the batch, the material can stick or remain on part of the machine which decays and damages the machine or the next batch product.

Therefore cleaning the machine in its place automatically will save lots of time and money. Ultimately it can be cost-effective as well as increase profit. Let’s see what Galaxy Sivtek is offering as a CIP system in a sieving or filtering machine.

CIP in Round Separators:

Material needs to be clean after every batch from the round separator. Whether you are using it for gradation or check screening, every batch takes a bit of time to start again. As you stop screening remanence of the material may contaminate the next batch.

Therefore the machine has to be cleaned before it is used again. Galaxy Sivtek is providing a simple automated solution to this. It is the CIP system that is installed on the lid cover of your round separator which releases a Caustic CIP solution. The CIP system consists of spraying nozzles on the lid which sprays the liquid on the mesh screen and cleans the sifter for the next batch.

CIP in Self Cleaning Filter:

Self Cleaning Filter itself cleans the mesh periphery automatically. And this is the one filter in the market that does not require to be clean if the plant is running 24/7.

If the plant is running in batches then there are possibilities that oversize particles can remain and stick to the internal side of the mesh basket. For products like liquid chocolate, cough syrup, sugar syrup, and any food or pharma liquid application, it is essential to clean before the next batch for quality purposes.

Therefore Self Cleaning Filter is providing a built-in system that allows you to open both the valves through a PLC. This PLC system allows the valves to open at the scheduled time and caustic CIP solution can be flowed through the filter to clean automatically.

CIP in Rectangular Separators:

High throughput vibrating screen like Linea Sivtek requires cleaning the screen after every batch. Manual cleaning can be a tough job for such a huge machine. Therefore Galaxy Sivtek is having a robust customized solution that automatically cleans the mesh without any assembling and disassembling.

This CIP arrangement can be done on all rectangular separators from Galaxy Sivtek. This system is installed on the lid of the sifter which contains spraying nozzles. These nozzles spray water or caustic solution and clean the mesh for the next use.

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