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remove mesh chocking

How to Get Rid of Mesh Chocking!

Mesh chocking is frustrating! It becomes an obstacle to the whole process when you don’t get proper functioning of the sifter. Mesh chocking is the biggest problem while sieving operation.

There are many kinds of sieving solutions available with Galaxy Sivtek. Let’s see some of the deblending system used in a variety of Sifters.

Ultrasonic Sivtek

Commonly used with round separators where fine mesh size is used. An equally distributed ultrasonic wave is passed throughout the screen area to de-blind the chocked material.

This will improve the final material quality and reduce the processing time. It also increases screening capacity and eliminates mesh breakdown. Many industry leaders are preferring ultrasonic sieve so that they get longer life of the sifter and mesh.

Mesh De-blinding Kit

Mesh deblending kit consists of elastomeric or silicon rubber balls with sliders. This setup is placed under the mesh screen with a perforated sheet. When applied vibration balls start tapping the mesh screen & sliders help the balls to remain in a certain part of the area.

Balls and slider arrangement is majorly used in all the industries. These balls are used with dry material in circular and rectangular separators. This helps the material to easily clean the chocked mesh and provide high throughput capacity.

Rotary Brush

Rotary brush system is another example of modern sieving technology. It consists of a rotating brush and mobile chassis. The rotary brush is operated independently at low rpm on the sifter mesh screen.

Particles which are too large to pass through the mesh are brushed aside to prevent mesh clogging. The rotating brush also helps in breaking the lumps formed due to oil content or moisture.

High efficiency and throughput capacity are achieved with the help of this rotary brush. This can be upgraded on all round sifters.

De-blinding for Roto Sifter

There is a special deblending arrangement for Roto Sifter which cleans the basket using different cleaning media. You can choose any of the following media after consulting the Galaxy Sivtek Sieving expert.

Clean with brush: Brush pads are attached to the rotating shaft inside the roto sifter and it cleans the mesh basket at low rpm touching the basket.

Clean with rubber: Like the brush arrangement, rubber pads are attached with the rotating shaft and cleans the mesh basket.

Clean with Air: Dry product are deblended through air valves customized with the rotating shaft and blow air at some interval of time.

You may be confused that, which deblending system best suits your product? Because the selection of deblending system depends on your product and system arrangement. You will have to just consult a Galaxy Sivtek expert and ask for the best solution which can improve your product quality and ease your sieving & filtering process.

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