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Self Cleaning Filter OR Vibro Sifter! What to Use for Liquid Filtration ?

This can be the biggest confusion for many processing industries whether they should use self-cleaning Filter or vibro Sifter for their liquid-solid separation. The liquid filtration process is used to remove suspended solid particles from the liquid with the use of filter media. The filter media let the fluid to pass through it and retain solid particles. Solid or liquid both can be the desired particles to use in the processing line.

A self-cleaning filter and vibro sifter both have the different characteristics and properties. Both are used for different applications. Let’s see which filtration equipment is best suitable in your application and requirement.

Benefits of filtering with Self Cleaning Filter

Continuous Operation & Self-Cleaning:

The self-cleaning filter is capable to filter for very long time without any rundowns. The mechanism of self-cleaning filter is design in such a way that it gives you regular cleaning automatically on scheduled time. The cleaning disc moves along the filtering basket to remove oversize particles along the periphery.

High throughput:

The Filter works under pressure so that it gives high throughput and increase the production. The industrial filter can work efficiently if the oversize percentage is less. For a larger oversize percentage, you will have to shift to Vibrating screener.

Enclosed System:

The system is fully enclosed and works with no leakage problem. It has advanced sealing parts which can filter the product more accurately. The Vibro Sifter also gives you enclosed system with viewing points.

Quieter operation:

The Self-Cleaning filter work on the delta p (ΔP) principle therefor there is no vibration. It is best suitable for noiseless and vibration free environment.

High Viscous Material:

Self-Cleaning filter is the best suited for high viscous materials because it pushes the material to filter under differential pressure.

Products Used:

The Filter is best suitable for the product like paint & coating, chocolate, cough syrup, sugar syrup and many more.

Benefits of filtering with Vibro sifter

The vibrating sieve is capable to sieve where large percentage of oversize particle is obtained.


One of the main reasons to use Vibro sifter over Self Cleaning Filter is its gradation design. The vibro sifter comes with multiple layer of mesh ring which can grade solid particles if needed.

Low Viscous / Free Flow Liquid:

Free flow liquid, which is having low viscosity properties, that kind of material can be filtered easily with vibro sieve.

Open/Enclosed Sieving:

The Vibrating Sieve have the option to run with or without the lid cover. It also comes with multiple viewpoints that can help to overlook sieving process in enclosed environment.


The vibrating screen is very much popular for its remeshing arrangement. The screen ring comes with a limited life. Buying a new screen ring can be costlier. But the sifter gives you a chance to reuse the mesh and reduces cost.

Products Used:

The vibro sifter can filter sugarcane juice, Backwater in paper industry, irrigation water, ETP and many more.

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Both the equipment are built with high grade stainless steel and quality rubber parts. The difference is in the requirement of your plant or industry. Therefore, Galaxy Sivtek is braced with highly experienced expert in sieving and filtering technology.

So don’t get confused and take the assistance of Galaxy Sivtek to find out which equipment is best suitable for your product.

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