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sieving and screening solution for flavour manufacturers

Sieving solution for Flavour Manufacturers

Almost every food & beverages we consume in our day to day life gets its smell or taste enhanced with added natural or artificial flavours. Whether it is strawberry in yoghurt or hazelnut in coffee or spearmint in chewing gums or vanilla in ice cream, the source is prepared flavours. Don’t believe us, next time whenever you buy any food or soft drinks check the packaging!

Many Food & drinks manufacturers makes flavours (that they add in the products) in their own plant & many approach flavour manufactures to make custom flavours they require.

Flavour industry also supplies stand-alone flavours in retail market for direct purchase of consumers, like the flavoured syrups or powder we add in water to make welcome drinks.

Natural or nature-identical or artificial flavours are being added to 93% of commercial food & beverages products being produced across the globe, and so it is very important for flavour manufacturers to deliver high-quality contamination-free flavours.

The process of making natural flavours starts from extracting flavours & related ingredients from plant or vegetables or fruits or animals through microbiological process or enzymatic process.

Journey of nature-identical flavours & artificial flavours starts in research lab where flavour chemist performs various experiments with mixture of various chemicals, oils & other sources to get desired flavour.

“In case of nature-identical flavours, they are obtained by help of synthesis or by isolating through chemical process, which are chemically as well as organoleptically identical to flavouring substances naturally present in products.

Artificial flavouring substances are usually obtained by fractional distillation & additional chemical manipulation of naturally sourced chemicals, crude oil, or coal tar. Although they are chemically different, in sensory characteristics they are the same as natural ones”. Source: Wikipedia

Both kind of flavours are formulated by flavorist to give any food & drink product a distinctive flavour.

Screening & Sieving requirements during flavour manufacturing process.

In making of flavours various processes & stages are involved.

In general, it starts with extracting flavour ingredients from raw materials or preparing artificial flavours.

Basically, the process of making any flavour starts from extracting flavour from its source. To extract flavour various processes are followed depending upon the nature of source from where it has to be extracted.

Most of the flavour applications are extracted by adding water, solvents or chemicals. After extraction process purification of liquid is carried out to get smooth flavour syrup.

After extraction, flavour is concentrated. After concentration is completed it is separated further to obtain liquid & powder form.

liquid flavour is dried to get into powder form. For drying, usually spray drying is carried out where flavour is converted into fine powder form, and in last stage, packaging is done as can seen in below process flow.

Now let us understand at what different stage our sieving & filtering solutions can play important role.

As flavour is being added to almost all commercial & retail food & beverages products it becomes necessity for flavour manufacturer to adhere with safety & quality norms & make sure the flavour is of high quality & contamination free. A small contamination can cost company’s goodwill to safety of end-user.

Our Sieving & filtering machines can help in removing any small to severe contaminations & unwanted oversized particulates. Also, it can help to get powder form flavour into a perfect uniform size. Flavour used for commercial or retail purpose needs to be of uniform size as uniform size is required for getting properly dilute in any liquid (milk, water, soups, etc.)

At the very beginning stage, our sieves can play important role for removing contaminations from raw material.

For instance, during manufacturing of orange flavour for soft drinks orange peels or orange peel powder are used as one of the raw materials. Our Sieving machine can be installed to sieve such raw materials to make sure raw materials used are free form contaminations like bag fibres & threads, stones or other unwanted particles (transmitted during transport).

Our Sieving machines can also be helpful in performing safety screening before final packaging of flavour powder. One of our commonly installed solution for check screening before packaging is Inline Sivtek® with magnetic grills on outlet.

Many flavour applications have high moisture presence & they tend to form lumps. Such lumps & other contamination can be removed before packaging with help of our Sieving machine.

Inline Sivtek or another sieving machine will make sure powder form flavour is in uniform size & contamination-free, while magnetic grill can catch any ferrous particles like nut bolts or screw if entered accidentally.

Solutions for Flavor Manufacturers.

Galaxy Sivtek provides complete range of Sieving & filtering solutions for Flavor industry.

Hygienic Design: All our machines for flavour industry are in accordance with GMP guidelines as enforced by FDA. We supply machines in high-quality Stainless Steel as required for food-grade products. From food grade contact parts to crevice-free joints, our machines are designed to help you deliver quality.

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