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Self Cleaning filter features

SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter with Improved Features

Modern Industries are all packed with high tech machinery to process their product. Machine manufacturers have to make continues improvements in the equipment to meet the requirement of process industries.

Galaxy Sivtek provides modern marvels in the field of sieving and filtering solutions. The filtration system is mandatory for the manufacturer who is producing liquid applications like, syrup, paint, lubricants, oil, juice and many more free flow liquids.

The Sivtek Self Cleaning filter works on the delta P principal i.e. on pressure difference allowing continuous filtration in the processing line. It has the capability to replace conventional strainers, cartridge filters, and many manual filters.

Galaxy Sivtek is coming up with an improved filter! Commonly known as the self-cleaning filter, which is capable to provide best filtering results with watery liquid applications to an extremely viscous one.

Benefits of Self Cleaning Filter

1. Optimum Filtration: SIVTEK Self Cleaning filter comes with a trapezoidal-shaped mesh basket that filters liquid or semi-liquids and removes the smallest amount of impurities. The product has to go through strict quality checks in the processing area. Once the impurities are found, the whole batch is rejected and the manufacturer has to bear the losses of time, money and workforce.

Galaxy Sivtek brings you the self-cleaning filter with advanced features that helps you achieve optimum filtration where impurities are collected inside the mesh basket periphery without letting the finest particle to pass through it. Thus giving high quality of filtration and gives contamination-free products to let you run the batch without any quality rejections.

2. Continuous Operation: The engineers have built the filter in such a way that, it does not require to manually clean the mesh basket. The filter consists of pneumatic cylinders that move the cleaning disc along the mesh periphery and scrap the oversized particles. The oversized particles are then collected in the purging chamber to discharge later.

The automated mesh cleaning system keeps the filter running all the time without any breakdown. The industrialist believes that the conventional filters like cartridge filter, strainers, backflush filters, etc. are not capable of automatically clean the basket or even if they could like in the example of a strainer, it will have to do manually and takes a lot of time in cleaning procedure.

All these problems are solved with the Galaxy Sivtek make, Self-Cleaning Filter. Which cleans the basket even when the filtration process is going on. Hence the filter runs continuously without any rundowns.

3. Easy maintenance: The improved self-cleaning filter lowers the maintenance time with its easy and simple mechanism. For example, losing the clamp of the filter will let you easily remove the top cover. But not possible in the case of conventional filters. The conventional filter is complex when it comes to maintenance or removing the mesh basket. Also, the process has to shut down for a while when the maintenance is carrying out.

For the reason, Galaxy Sivtek has contributed to modern filtration technology. The Self Cleaning Filter allows you to easily maintain the filtration unit for the cleanup or mesh change.

4. No Manpower required: The primary goal of the product manufacturer is to have a continuous operation without any obstacles. The Self Cleaning Filter provides you with a fully automated system that will run for a longer time without any manpower required.

The self-cleaning filter developed in the premises of Galaxy Sivtek is specially designed to perform fully automatic operations. Just install the filter in your processing line and let the filter do its job. Our Self Cleaning Filter has the capability to filter, clean and collect the oversized impurities automatically.

5. Low operational cost: Process industries are focusing on saving costs. The SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter consumes less power as compared to other conventional filters, as the power required to run the filter is minimal.

An automated system also plays a big role in saving costs. The cost of manpower is also reduced in cleaning and collecting the oversized impurities. This will ultimately lower the cost and increase profitability.

Features of Self Cleaning Filter

1. Auto Clean System: The primary feature of the SIVTEK self-cleaning filter is its auto-clean technology as discussed earlier. When the liquid material is passed through a fine-mesh basket, mesh periphery gets choked by oversize particles. The pneumatic cylinder will move the cleaning disk and scrap the oversized particles on a timely basis keeping the mesh basket to filter continuously.

Due to this invention in filtration technology, process manufacturers are preferring only a filtration system that is capable to clean itself while operating. Our Self Cleaning Filter stands just the way you want. The operator has to set the desired timing of the pneumatic cylinder to move the disk and the filter will clean at the scheduled time.

2. Easy Assembling & Disassembling: SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter does not require to interrupt while processing. But in some cases when you have to change the mesh basket or clean from inside of the filter for hygiene purposes, it gives you a quick and easy way to assemble and disassemble the top cover.

This filter does not require any toolkit for assembling and disassembling unlike in the strainer or cartridge filter. Handling the top cover is made easy so the operator can do clean-up & maintenance in no time.

3. Unique Stand Design: Keeping in mind the placement of the filter. The base of the self-cleaning filter should be more reliable in the toughest filtering conditions also. The new stand design of the self-cleaning filter is more robust and provides strong support for the operation.

Taking the least space, our self-cleaning filter is engineered to be installed easily in the liquid processing plant without affecting other operations.

4. Detachable Unit: As our self-cleaning filter is easily installable in the processing area, we have given more flexibility in the construction of it. Now the self-cleaning filter will have detachable inlet and outlet that can be easily cut off from the main line when you need to maintain or clean the filter after each batch ends.

When compared with a back-flush filter or strainer, detaching the filter takes much time and manpower to perform even the minor alterations. But not with the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter! It takes no time to remove from the processing line and again attach to it without the use of any tools.

5. Modified PLC Box: The reason why Self Cleaning Filter is so popular among industry leaders is its automated technology. The mind of filter automation is inside the PLC box. The PLC or “Programmable Logic Control” box is the modern mechanism that controls the functioning of the filter.

We say it the “Set and be free” concept of the self-cleaning filter! That allows us to control both the pneumatic cylinder and actuators at the same time. Programmed in PLC box, the pneumatic cylinder at a scheduled time moves the cleaning disc and scrap the impurities as discussed earlier.

The Self Cleaning Filter consists of two actuator valves. Which are used to collect and release the oversized impurities. The PLC box controls these actuator valves at the scheduled time.

Considering the points we can conclude that, Self-Cleaning Filter is the need for the future and the need for future filtration technology. This product not only enhances your filtering experience but also builds trust to go with it in the long run.

Galaxy Sivtek is keen to assist you, on your sieving and filtering needs. With more than 10,000+ successful projects, the world has accepted us as the largest manufacturer of sieving and filtering equipment.

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