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Process time saved with vibro sifter

Vibro Sifter that Saves Time & Cost!

Sieving & Filtering is one of the important processes used by all the processing industries. Some must remove impurities; some have to grade the material, and some do the check screening before packaging.

The purpose may be different, but the problems are the same! “Time & throughput capacity”. The faster the screening process is, the faster the batch finishes. As a result, your precious time is saved, and more profit goes into your pocket.

Well! How do we do that? The answer to this is Galaxy Sivtek Sieving and Filtering customized solution. Galaxy Sivtek solutions are highly capable to give you maximum throughput capacity and efficiency.

Galaxy Sivtek’s customized solution boosts the performance of a vibrating sieve. Let’s have a look at some of the customized solution and upgrades that literally convert hours into minutes.

1. Deblinding system

Your mesh is getting chocked and resists the new material to sieve. Hence you end up getting low throughput capacity and your material remains not sieved.

The solution to the above problem is deblending the mesh through our various deblending systems. The deblinding system can be in the form of tapping, rubbing, or with the help of ultrasonic waves.

2. Control Feeding

Mesh plays the important role in the performance of your vibrating sieve. Tightening the mesh tension is more the throughput capacity you will get.

Improper feeding causes disaster to the mesh tension. Dumping the whole bag of material on the mesh can result in loose mesh and sometimes mesh tearing. That is the reason Galaxy Sivtek suggests you use proper feeding control equipment provided by us.

3. Maximizer Deck

Vibro Sifter gives desired performance only if the material gets a proper screening area. SIVTEK Maximizer deck is retrofitted on a sifter with two screening meshes of the same size.

Maximizer deck improves the production capacity by 50% without requiring additional equipment. Material that is not able to sieve on the first level mesh can be screened by the second mesh ring. Hence it doubles the screen area for the material & improves the efficiency.

4. 360° Discharge Separator

The 360° Discharge Separator discharges oversize particles 360° around the periphery. The material does not build up around the screen periphery and discharges down to the outlet.

This utilizes a maximum screening area & provides longer mesh life, high capacity & efficiency, and low screen blinding.

5. Bag Dump Station

The bag dump station helps you in feeding control and assists the operator with easy material handling. It provides clean and safe unloading of material and eliminates product loss due to manual feeding.

A customized bag dump station may be installed with a conveyor which helps in material handling & control feeding. Some advanced features of a bag dump station are open/close hydraulic doors, dust-free environment, dust collector, heavy-duty bag support grate, etc.

Before you go for any of the customized solutions or upgrades always consult with the Galaxy Sivtek expert team, who are having years of experience in quality sieving. Because a true Sieving & Filtering expert can only turn your hours of sieving into minutes.

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