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Calcium Carbonate

Machine: SIVTEK Vibro Separator®

Screen Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium Carbonate has a variety of uses in the industries. after taking it out from the rocks, these mineral is crushed and processed for different applications as raw materials. This can be used in the form of powder or liquid in many industries. Calcium Carbonate has to go long way in the processing line.

Raw material collected from the manufacturer can contain lumps or other unwanted impurities. These impurities and lumps can be eliminated by using an industrial Vibro Separator. The video shows how calcium carbonate powder sieved with SIVTEK Vibrating Sieve to give you the best screening results without any shutdown.

Galaxy Sivtek screening equipment functions with low maintenance and less manpower. This vibro energy separator gives you impurity free calcium carbonate as well as high accuracy on graduation. You can use multiple gradations at a time.

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