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Catalyst Alumina Balls

Machine: Sivtek Vibrating Screen®

Gradation of Catalyst Alumina Balls

Galaxy Sivtek is known for providing optimal screening & filtration solutions to 12+ industries including sublime & main stream industries its wide range of Vibro separators, inline sifters, rotary sifters, centrifugal screeners, Horizontal vibrating screens, & self-cleaning filters.

One of India’s biggest manufacturers & suppliers of adsorbents & desiccants opted for your screening & grading solution for grading “Alumina Balls”.

Alumina balls are real-time adsorbents having a tendency to reduce the PPM level of fluoride & arsenic present in wastewater. It is also used in a vast range of desiccants for catalyst drying.

The above video is an onsite video of our Linea Sivtek® – the robust rectangular vibrating sieve used for sorting & screening catalyst alumina balls.

Rectangular separator


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