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Ceramic Beads

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Grading Ceramic Beads

Ceramic beads are majorly used in food, pharmaceutical and paint industry. These beads are of different sizes and shapes. The size of ceramic beads differs in various applications. Therefore Industry leaders are demanding great quality of beads to be used in their product.

Uneven size of ceramic beads cannot grind the product properly, hence quality issues are generated. Grade Ceramic Beads in a multilayer SIVTEK Vibro Separator to get an accurate size of your material. Galaxy Sivtek is the one-stop solution for all your sieving and filtering related queries.

Vibro screener also removes the impurities which are present in the material like metal particles or impurities due to human interaction. This vibro sifter comes with a closed system which gives you a clean environment to perform the separation.

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