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Check Screening Wheat Straw

Machine: Linea Sivtek®

Check Screening Wheat Straw With Vibrating Screen

The video is about the check screening of wheat straw with a rectangular sieving machine called Linea SIVTEK. The Linea SIVTEK removes the excessive dust present in the material before packaging. Through this process, the quality of the material is increased and the sieving becomes faster and easier. The process is also known as the de-dusting of wheat straw.

Wheat Straw is a kind of material that is very light and useful for many different applications. Wheat straw can be used in agriculture, as packaging material due to its biodegradable properties, used for livestock feed and bedding, and is also considered as the better replacement for plastic products.

The unique design of Linea SIVTEK provides a higher inclined vibration level that provides higher throughput capacity and higher efficiency rates when tonnes of material is processed. Galaxy SIVTEK equipment is made under precise monitoring of quality check that not a single chance is left for a breakdown of the machine. Hence the machine runs for a longer period of time without any major maintenance or replacement.

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