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Filter Decorative Paint

Machine: Self Cleaning Filter®

Self Cleaning Filter for Decorative Paint Filtration

Paint filtration can be an easy or complex process depending upon the materials mixed into it. Paint or Coating consists of oils, varnishes and lacquers that are low-viscose or very heavy, thixotropic liquids.

Filtration expert of decorative paint needs to put the focus on pigments. Which are different in shape, size, type, and flexibility. Therefore Galaxy Sivtek suggests you the best solution which removes the impurity retaining its important components into the paint.

Paint can contain particles of rust, dust, metal, wood or plastic. These impurities can damage the final quality of the paint. Hence A SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is designed in such a way that it improves the product quality and removes unwanted material before packaging.

Many paint manufacturers mentioned that a Galaxy Sivtek makes Self Cleaning Filter is the mandatory equipment in the processing line. The video shows the successful running of the Inline Liquid Filter at the client site.

Galaxy Sivtek has assisted inks & paint industry in achieving the high quality of Decorative Industrial Paint through SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter.


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