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Filter Emulsion Paint

Machine: Self Cleaning Filter®

Filter Emulsion Paint With our Sivtek Self-Cleaning Filter

Emulsion Paint is a water-based paint consisting of tiny particles of polymer within which pigments are stored. This material is viscous and thick in nature. Filtering the paint emulsion is made easy with SIVTEK Self-Cleaning Filter. The filter replaces the cartridge and other traditional filters adding the advantage of self-cleaning itself.

The In-line filter eliminates the problem of cleaning the basket or replacing it after a batch. This filter can be used continuously 24/7 with no breakdown. The Self Cleaning Filter also consists of a Filter Management box which allows us to set and be free to use the filter. The control panel manages the shaft & valve movement.

Inks & Paint industries are using SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter to achieve a high-quality Paint Emulsion & to get maximum efficiency through the filtration process.


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