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Filter Liquid Detergent

Machine: Self Cleaning Filter®

Self Cleaning Filter for liquid detergent

The product quality of Liquid Detergent is improved when you install Automatic Self Cleaning Filter in your processing line. As with any other costlier liquid, it should be filtered and packed so that no impurity is obtained in the final product. The product quality of liquid detergent can be compromised if proper filtration is not done.

Galaxy Sivtek experts have developed a Self Cleaning Filtration equipment that can filter any liquid to sieve up to 25 microns and clean itself at a proper interval of time to sustain production throughput.

The video guides you through the on-site installation of Self Cleaning Filter for liquid detergent, it shows you the accuracy and high throughput capacity of liquid detergent.

The Inline Filter also comes with a Filter Control box to automate the opening and closing valve and self-cleaning hydraulic shaft.

This filter lets you reduce manpower and is cost-effective in the long run.



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